8x optical zoom camera in a single smartphone will soon become a reality

In recent years, manufacturers are increasing the number of modules in camera phones, add a TOF module ToF, and give them optical zoom. For example, Huawei P30 camera-phone Pro received a 5-fold optical zoom, and Nokia 9 PureView is equipped with five modules.

The use of cameras with three or four modules allows you to add shirokougolnyim and telephoto lenses, offering users of smartphones that previously could not provide smart phones with single cameras.

It is obvious that several modules in camera phones increases its price. In addition, such cameras require more space in the phone. We would not be surprised if soon the market will be available to a wider audience, with five or six lenses.

8-кратный оптический зум в одинарной камере смартфона скоро станет реальностью

However, there are other developments as well. For example, the Taiwanese company is preparing a single Yaguang Electronics camera periscope-type on the basis of an aspherical glass lens, which will provide smartphones 6 – and even 8-fold optical zoom when using a single module. The developers claim that the camera will be a great deal and nightlife, and portrait photography.

Yet the solution is not commercialized, so this year these smartphones are unlikely to see the light.

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