A Christmas gift — the couple Crawford-Gerber paid debts for others

About what the wedding really took place, said not only Miley, but Liam. Relevant publications are already in Instagram.

Their affair lasts for years and even endured breaks in the relationship. So, started Dating in 2009, a very young Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were going to get married, but then broke up. A second attempt to create a harmonious relationship celebrity has decided to make in 2016, and again were going to get married, but then changed his mind.

And now, recently, the media has again stirred up the news that, perhaps the stars have finally tied the knot. As a proof, were are the pictures from the page of a friend of Miley and Liam — Conrad Carr. In the pictures the users have mentioned: the solemnity of the situation, what the balls is decorated with the words “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Майли Сайрус и Лиам Хемсворт

and themselves eloquently lovers are going to cut a huge cake. Майли Сайрус и Лиам Хемсворт

It is not surprising that such images become occasions for the insights held the secret wedding. And if someone had some doubts, but now the couple published a similar photo in their blogs. So, Miley has made several publications in which it is indicated: the date (December 23, 2018) eloquent “10 years later…”

and even said to them “this is probably the millionth kiss.”

As for Liam, he was more restrained and accompanied the publication with simple words: “My love”.Майли Сайрус и Лиам Хемсворт

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