Aeroflot introduces bezbashennye rates

Aeroflot introduces bezbashennye rates

Aeroflot introduces bezbashennye rates

The airline “Aeroflot” introduces April bezbashennye fares on routes to Italy and Germany, as well as on the number of lines subsidiary carrier Rossiya. There is no doubt that this is only the first step, and further innovation will be extended to other routes “Aeroflot”, “Russia” probably, “Aurora”, believes sob.Q.

To test the “Aeroflot” logically selected competitive European lines, where other Russian and foreign companies have long offered bezbashennye rates. Whether this is only for direct flights from Moscow or also on the connecting flights in Italy and Germany from other cities of the route network – it is not quite clear. In “Russia” in the first stage of the sales will involve some “medium-haul routes” – what is meant by this, Aeroflot, unknown. Theoretically speech can go about any routes, “Russia”, except long-haul flights and tourist charters.

It is also not clear, whether will include in the first stage for “Russia” routes that are served simultaneously and “Aeroflot” and “Russia” is, in particular, about two dozen lines from Moscow, mostly internal. If they are included, it turns out that one and the same direction “Aeroflot” will offer flights of “Russia” with basbakani tariffs, and a private flight without such tariffs.

Earlier bezbashennye tariffs introduced all the other prominent Russian and many foreign carriers. “Aeroflot” the result was somewhat uncomfortable to compete with them on price, including at the same time, Luggage in the cost of any ticket.

The innovation will allow “to Aeroflot” to slightly reduce the minimum fare (depriving it of Luggage included), and thereby better compete with other carriers pricewise. At the same time, as experience shows, practically all airlines, the appearance of bezbashennyh Tarifa inevitably leads to higher prices minimum boot rate, and often this increase is much greater than the decrease in the minimum tariff. In other words, in General, flying is getting more expensive (although for some passengers and cheaper).

“Aeroflot” did not provide any further details of the innovations – except for the fact that sales will open on 2 April. At the same elite level members of “Aeroflot Bonus” and other loyalty programs SkyTeam will be able to carry one piece of hold Luggage for free even bezbashennyh rates.

The cost of adding Luggage to babagana rate is also not yet known. Now excess baggage is at “Aeroflot” 2,500 rubles on domestic routes and € 50 for foreign (long-lines – 100 euros). Perhaps, these rates will remain in effect for passengers who wish to add baggage to a previously purchased ticket for babagana rate.

It is likely that the norm of “Aeroflot” about the free carriage of ski equipment (and on some lines and diving equipment) will not act on bezbashennyh rates. In any case, such a solution is typical for most companies, having bezbashennye rates, but at the same time offering free carriage of skis and snowboards.

Introduction “Aeroflot” in the race bezbashennyh tariffs will seriously change the price situation on the domestic routes and some international. Among other things, at least on many domestic routes, there is a danger of a return to resembling a cartel situation about 3-6 years ago. Then, we will remind, on most domestic routes the minimum prices of almost all carriers were identical until the ruble (and the price movements of “Aeroflot” then exactly copied by all competitors). The situation changed three years ago, when “Siberia”, and then many other companies began to offer bezbashennye rates. As a result, the product of all of the same became different and the prices too are different. Now that bezbashennye rates will be at all, there is a risk of a return to a similar situation equally high tariffs, but not including Luggage.

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