Hong Kong international airport closed due to protests

Hong Kong international airport closed due to protests

Hong Kong international airport closed due to protests

The Hong Kong airport canceled all flights scheduled for the evening of Monday 12 August. The reason was the escalation of anti-government protests taking place in Hong Kong all summer, according to sob.Q. Travel.ru.

Cancelled almost all flights from 18: 00 on Monday (the exception was individual departures that have already ended check the time of the decision on the closure of the airport) and until 7.00 am Tuesday 13 August. The airport will continue to take off in his direction of flight. However, because the return flights cancelled foreign airlines can make the decision on landing in a different place.

The flight of “Aeroflot” to Moscow for Aug 12, occurring is not affected – he had to leave in the morning. Evening flight from Moscow to Hong Kong while it is assumed according to the schedule (it is scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong at 9.45 on Tuesday), but theoretically could be postponed in case of adverse developments.

The flight of “Siberia” (S7 Airlines) from Hong Kong to Vladivostok, scheduled for 17.55 Monday, apparently, too will fly away. The next flight of “Siberia” in Hong Kong (from Irkutsk) is scheduled for August 14.

Protests and clashes with police occur in Hong Kong with varying intensity almost all summer. The reason was an attempt to adopt a law on extradition, which allows to give suspects of crimes in other jurisdictions, including mainland China. The protesters, fearing a further erosion of autonomy of Hong Kong, demanding the abolition of the bill, but so far have only freeze its consideration. Protests sometimes collect up to a million participants.

So far the events had little impact on tourists – was enough to avoid places of demonstrations the party, but the main attractions were not affected by the protests. However, since the end of last week, protesters appeared at the airport – initially in small groups, not hinder the operation of the airport. The purpose of these groups was to draw attention of foreigners to the protests. 12 Aug airport has suddenly become the main event – after the protests in the centre resulted in the injury of several participants. Unknown, does the cancellation of flights the desire of the authorities force to restore order at the airport. It is also unclear whether affected traffic on the new bridge from Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai, which starts near the airport.

A number of countries for some time, publish a warning for tourists travelling to Hong Kong. They don’t contain tips to avoid traveling there at all, but is recommended to avoid areas of demonstrations and to know in advance where and when to a specific day planned protests.

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