Apple will get rid of the cutouts in the screens of the iPhone only in 2021

Numerous leaks almost never leave room for doubt about the external seeing of the upcoming iPhone. This will be the third generation without any changes in design. Including, the new iPhone will still be large openings in the screen in the form of “bangs”, although it is now even in the segment of less than $ 400 is the apparatus generally without any cut and with minimal framework.

According to the source, to get rid of a cut Apple can only in 2021! Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that in the next in smartphones, Apple will continue cut, but at least in one model, it will be less.

Apple полностью избавится от вырезов в экранах iPhone лишь в 2021 году

Analyst at Credit Suisse, in turn, argues that one model next year will be no cut podarennoe camera and podanym scanner. However, she will lose Face ID. Similar rumors have recently appeared on the Network, but then mentioned about models specifically for China.

Actually Apple its neck and Face ID has placed itself in a difficult situation. She has given users a really reliable and handy protection mechanism, why give it up so easy can’t. And if a couple of years ago, Apple was the first who implemented a cut in the screen, now it, apparently, be the last one to refuse him.

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