Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

Information about the breed

A countryUSA
Lifespan13-15 years
Heightdog: 51-58 cm
bitch: 46-54 cm
The weightdog: 25-32 kg
bitch: 16-25 kg
Wool lengthAverage
Colormarble red,
Groupfor children, watchdog

History of the breed


Despite the name, the Australian Shepherd was born in the Western United States, and not in Australia, during the gold rush in 1840. Originally used as an assistant for grazing cattle.

Australian Shepherd with an innate versatility that makes the dog useful on the ranch and farm like a shepherd’s dog, retriever and guard dog. Dogs are often called “Ossi”.

A dog can be an excellent family companion if the mind and energy are aimed at sports or pursuits.
Breed description


Dog of medium length, slightly pointed muzzle, brown eyes, blue or a combination of these colors. Ears are triangular, high, lowered at rest and elevated when danger. The tail is short and straight, and sometimes absent.

  • The Australian Shepherd requires 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day, preferably with increased exercise. They need work, for example, daily training, such as obedience lessons or competing in grazing tests.
  • Australians will bark to warn you if they see or hear something suspicious, and will protect the family and the house with amazing ferocity.
    Although Australian shepherds have a reputation for needing an open space, they get along well in cities if given enough stimulation and physical exercise. But it is better for them to be in a small yard, with the opportunity to spend energy.
  • The perseverance of this sheep dog can be transferred to a house where she will assume the leading role in the family. The breed needs a solid and confident owner. If you did not have a dog before, do not start this breed.
  • Australian shepherds use the family’s society and prefer to stay close to the owners. They do not like to be alone for a long time.



Australian Shepherds are active, intelligent dogs who love to learn and work. This is a good watchman, alert and constantly on his guard. As a pet, this is a loyal, playful pet. Dogs are friendly with children and careful with strangers. They get along with other dogs and they have a strong hunting instinct and will create problems with small animals if they do not initially socialize.



It’s an easily trained dog. She is smart, she learns quickly and with pleasure. Needs regular exercise and training, the dog should be busy as long as possible. Recommended dexterity exercises.
dog grooming

A haircut

The Australian Shepherd requires minimal care. It is enough to brush with a hard bristle. We cut the wool clumps.


The breed needs daily exercise, space to move and lead an active lifestyle.
A simple walk to the dog is not enough.


Sheepdogs are used in the western United States to lead and guard herds or as companions. Also used as help dogs for people with disabilities.

Photo Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

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