Australian Terrier

Information about the breed

A countryAustralia
Lifespan12-15 years
HeightDog: 23-28 см
bitch: 23-28 см
The weightDog: 7-8 кг
bitch: 6-7 кг
Wool lengthAverage
dark gray-blue, sandy
Grouphunting, decorative

History of the breed


The Australian Terrier was bred in Australia in the late 19th century. Its main task is to hunt and destroy rodents and snakes. Australian terriers were also valued as guard dogs and satellites. Today, the Australian Terrier retains all of its qualities, but is best known for catching poisonous snakes by the neck.
Breed description


It’s a small dog. The head of the breed is long and strong. Eyes small and dark. The ears are small, with pointed tips, held vertically and widely spaced with a small amount of hair on them.

    • The Australian terrier loves to bark, dig and chase.
    • Early training and socialization are the minimum necessary for this dog to be happy.
    • The breed is very active. If you prefer a dog with a calmer character, then you should look at other breeds of dogs.



The Australian Terrier is a powerful and small growth. This breed is hardy and sure. They are brave, fearless and charming. This breed is a great choice for different life styles and makes them an excellent companion.

This breed demonstrates the courage and courage of much larger dogs in size. The Australian terrier is very affectionate with his family, faithful and very smart. She is very cheerful, energetic and inquisitive. This breed gets along well with other dogs and animals, but chases cats. The Australian terrier has a sharp ear, as well as sharp eyesight, which makes it an excellent watchdog. They are afraid of strangers, but they are not aggressive, if not provoked.


The Australian Terrier learns quickly, but he is bored if the work is very often repeated. Early socialization and obedience training are compulsory. They do not respond to strict or complex methods of teaching. This breed demonstrates excellent results when training is conducted in sequence, firmness, justice, with praise and motivation. They are very qualified in such areas as dexterity, tracking and obedience.
dog grooming

A haircut

This breed needs to be cleaned several times a week. Haircut should occur two or three times a year. Cropping around the eyes and ears should be performed as needed.


These dogs can easily adapt to different living conditions, but you must be able to work and play with a loving family. They must be socialized and trained. This is an active breed that needs a good walk every day.


This is a very good pest hunter, and also a cheerful companion.

Photos Australian Terrier

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