Autopilot Tesla attacked the Russian robot and completely destroyed it (video)

Your robot Promobot v4 Concierge in Las Vegas brought by a Russian company from Perm. He was supposed to participate in the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2019 to demonstrate the possibilities.

According to the developers, this robot is able to recognize and remember the person, to determine the age of the interlocutor, to keep him talking, to move along a predetermined path, to remember all that he said and even print photos. By the way, this is the mechanism in 2017 shook Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hand during the presentation.

January 7 Promobot v4 was tested by sending to walk on the sidewalk one of the roads of the exhibition center. However, at some point, the robot disobeyed their masters, and for some reason left the roadway.

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At this time the owner of the electric car Tesla Model S decided that the area now empty of the exhibition could not be better suited for testing of the autopilot. With full autonomy, he gave the reins of the car computer. And that, probably, considering the Russian robot is an excellent target for attack hit him at full speed, not even noticing.

Now the company Ilona Mask, and destroyed the Russian robot become true heroes network trolling. Autopilot Tesla accused has repeatedly ridiculed “nonsense” and the Russian robot called “an excellent target for killing stupid autopilot”.

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However, the owner of the electric vehicle, and inventors of the mechanical Concierge is not a laughing matter. The driver of the Tesla George Calder is forced to apologize, calling the “dead” robot “nice” and to explain his act of carelessness.

российский робот Promobot v4 атакованный автопилотом Тесла

Russian developers seriously upset, because they brought their “child” to participate in an important event. But, now the robot can not be repaired, and, of course, will miss his participation in the exhibition.
As a result, both sides caught in the incident, promised to conduct an internal investigation. Tesla will once again investigate the reasons why its autopilot not only did not notice the obstacle but did not stop the electric car after the collision. And the creators of the robot will attempt to determine the purpose of their “talking machine” left on the roadway.

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