Brothers Kokorina heard nothing about holding a football match in prison

Lawyer Kirill KokorinVyacheslav and Barik said that his client and other prisoners know nothing about the football match in the detention center “Butyrka”.

Cyril Kokorin is the brother of striker “Zenit” Alexander Kokorin. They were both taken into custody along with a midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaevth for the prosecution in the beating of three people on 8 October. Recently, the court extended them the arrest until February 8, 2019.


According to Barik, Mamaev, Alexander, and Cyril Kokorin in any case shouldn’t be willing to go out on a soccer field in the detention center, including those due to injury of the player “Zenith”.

“The guys yesterday told us nothing about the football match is not heard and no, this question is not discussed. With Paul on this subject is also not talked about.

Even if they discussed it, they are still not ready to go to the site. Moreover, Alexander Kokorin, who has not recovered from a knee injury. This match is basically very dangerous, as the body of a footballer is a tool like a violin. If it gets into the hands of the incompetent person, may be damaged. No one will give up a Stradivarius. Here is the same case, the player risks to get damage. Not necessarily due to the fact that someone wants to hurt him, but, for example, due to improper coverage. Besides, Kokorina, and mom does not train, sitting in jail, and without the necessary training to go out and get loads of very hard. This is wrong from the point of view of physiology. But most importantly – Komarinyj about any match, no one talked”, — quotes Barika “SE”.

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