Brussels Airlines and Montenegro Airlines are changing Domodedovo to Sheremetyevo

Two airlines have decided to move from Moscow Domodedovo to Sheremetyevo. Since March 31, will transfer their flights of Montenegro Airlines, and on June 2, her example will be followed by Brussels Airlines, according to sob.Q.

Moreover, the Belgian carrier is so far only announced this move, but not yet made changes to the booking system – and there still Domodedovo on the depth of the sales of the flights Brussels – Moscow. Brussels Airlines said its passengers wishing to continue to fly to Domodedovo, will be able to use the flights of its partners in the Lufthansa group – but this will require additional transplant in Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich or Vienna.

The reason for the move from June 2 to Sheremetyevo Brussels Airlines’s called the desire to meet the desires of business travelers. It is possible that the carrier may enter into code share agreement with Aeroflot, flying from Moscow to Brussels three times a day and thereby improve offers connections to Brussels.

Montenegro Airlines will move at Sheremetyevo airport, where flies to Belgrade its partner, Air Serbia, March 31. The company will use terminal E.

In the spring she will fly from Tivat to Moscow daily (flight from Tivat to 9.00, from Sheremetyevo to 13.50), while in summer the frequency of flights will reach 2-3 times a day (departures from Tivat to 20.25 daily, the rest of the flights depart on different days at 6.10, 9.00, 11.10 and 12.10, from Moscow daily at 3.00, other flights on different days at 11.00, 13.50, 16.00 and 17.00) . On line, using the Embraer 195.

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