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Miu Miu (Miu Miu) is a line of youth clothing iconic Italian fashion house Prada. Each collection the brand aims to surprise and break stereotypes. Clothes and accessories Miu Miu often have provocative character. Was no exception and a capsule collection of Miu Miu Type, the core idea is centered around the letter and text prints.

Inspired by the alphabet

The idea of the collection was inspired by the fall Miu Miu show, which took place in 2018 in Paris. Elegant halls of the building, Perret was draped in a simple sheets of white paper the size of a poster. Each of them was adorned with a large monochrome illustration in the form of a female face or body in the form of letters of the alphabet. The usual English letters were presented in unexpected variations.

This “alphabet” Miu Miu includes all 26 letters. Their unique design was developed specifically for M M Paris, in collaboration with Miuccia Prada. According to the creators, the capsule collection is designed to attract new adherents into the interactive fashion world Miu Miu. For this reason, they moved away from the typical styles and silhouettes. Concise prints emphasize the individuality of its owner, do not distract from the appearance and especially the style.

The collection combines several styles, including:

  • the avant-garde;
  • casual;
  • sport-casual;
  • sport-chic.

Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда

Personalized fashion

A feature of the new capsule collection of Miu Miu Type – the ability to receive personalized thing, which is unique to no other. The brand offers you to choose one or more characters who like you the most, to decorate shirts, hoodies or t-shirts. The opportunity to be original and unique attracted the attention of young fans of Miu Miu. This practice is an unusual manifestation of the creativity of the Italian designers. They, in turn, noted that this is just the beginning of interactive fashion.

Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда

In the collection of the Miu Miu Type is dominated by black and white colors. Here are completely missing the bright neon shades, which will not hurry to give up many luxury brands. This year Miu Miu is not the first time placed emphasis on minimalism, and the attempt was successful. The main advantage of the collection lies in its versatility. Black and white clothing and accessories will be the basis of a wardrobe and base to any outfit.

To look did not seem boring and monotonous, it can be diluted with bright accents. Italian fashion designer offer to complement the black and white colors red, pood and blue shades. The main thing is to keep the balance of colors (not more than three different shades in a single image) and the idea of brevity.

Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда

The core of the collection consists of white poplin shirts, cotton sweatshirts and sweatpants. The designers used natural and organic materials that do not harm the environment. They are durable and convenient in everyday use. This is a manifestation of concern about the safety and comfort of buyers.

Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда
Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда

Power accessories Miu Miu

To refresh the image using bandanas from the collection of Miu Miu Type. Combine them with the brand offers daring clothes come from free 90s. It’s mom-jeans high-waisted shirt in unisex style, trench coats, trapeze coats and actual sweaters oversize.

Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда

To complement the “literal” way futuristic glasses. The most recent trend and extravagant models of the IMU, see here you can choose sunglasses Miu Miu with big forms of lenses, hexagonal with colorful prints from the new collections. This accessory every season is becoming increasingly popular. They are suitable for young girls and adult women. They are easy to stand out from the crowd and is extremely difficult to remain unnoticed. Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда Miu Miu - «алфавитная» коллекция бренда

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