The famous Australian writer Colleen McCullough, and why she’s not singing in a blackthorn? Part 1

In 1984 this award was nominated the acclaimed Australian mini-series “the thorn birds“, based on the popular novel by Colleen McCullough. He won the main awards: “Best mini-series, Best actor in a miniseries or TV movie” (Richard Chamberlain), “Best supporting actor” (Richard Kiley) and “Best supporting actress” (Barbara Stanwyck).

Who is herself a writer after his strong series, filmed at her book? I think it will be primarily interested in a female audience that shed tears, swallowing gripping novel, and then threw all the cases below, nestled up to the screen to follow the UPS and downs of relationships favorite characters.

From an interview with a writer:
— How old were you when you started writing?
— I was too young to write, when stories began to be born in my head.

Colleen was born in Wellington, Wales, in 1937. The family of the victim after the Second world war, emigrated to Australia with two children — girl Colleen and her younger brother Carl.

The famous writer later recalled that his father paid her much less attention than his brother, and the mother obeyed the wishes of his father, although was very proud of his new Zealand Maori blood, and the father belonged to the family of the first settlers of Australia, exiled from Land of ex-convicts.

The ideal relationship of spouses could not be called. Seeing that little girl fascinated by writing different stories, hunky father was beside himself. He insisted that the girl chose a more serious occupation than the poems and stories she wrote in the note-book. “The profession needs to feed” — instructive said the father of the little Colleen and her brother. Perhaps here we must look for the roots of the uncertainty of the future celebrities in their abilities, the unhappy fates of the heroines of her books and women’s long loneliness. Колин Маккалоу 17 лет и она студентка Крестовоздвиженского колледжа в СиднееColleen McCullough was 17 years old, she is a student of Holy cross College in Sydney
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Not to say that Colin had to “step on the throat of his song.” The girl was talented in many fields — in mathematics, in chemistry, and while in College, he was attracted by research work. And even though she’s very drawn to the practice of medicine, it did not become a doctor for one very unusual reason: the skin of her hands was too sensitive to brush and disinfecting solution, the only sterilizing means in 50 years (today this disease is called allergic dermatitis).

A little after grieving, she decided to connect his life not with practical medicine and scientific work, particularly the study of neurophysiology (in the esteemed Wikipedia says neuropsychology, but that’s another branch of medicine).

She worked in the Sydney hospital Royal North Shore, and then to improve education and gain new experience returned to England, where he studied for several years in the branch of the faculty of the “Children’s health” at the University of London. Here in London, at the hospital, great Ormond Street, she met Gilbert Geyser, at the time the head of the neurology Department at Yale University, who made a strong impression with their comprehensive knowledge and workaholism.

Readers expect the beginning of a romantic relationship between such similar interests scientists? No, Colin to the Geyser they have arisen, as have arisen and to other surrounding males. Their relationship was purely professional, based on mutual respect and love for the chosen field of science.

Colin was beginning to suspect about their difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex. Having worked for many years in bands with an overwhelming number of representatives of the stronger sex, she could find his mate, but remained single. But the so-called “pink” relationship was from her very far. The only young man whom she loved deeply, was her brother Carl, but it was more of a purely maternal feelings. Йельский университетYale University

Gilbert Geyser invited Colin to lead research at Yale medical school in Connecticut. There the future writer worked for ten years. She taught neuro-anatomy, neurophysiology and electronics basics — discipline, at that time still not been launched in full scale even on a global level. In the 60s a lot in her lectures was sensational.

She was preparing to defend the thesis and was one of the first who started to develop medical devices for microsurgery. Colin was, if not formal, then the actual brain center of the whole division and its soul. It was called “pot”. Pot the girl indeed cooked, and colleagues, it has fascinated more and introduction to real British tea ceremony. While working at Yale, she wrote two of his first and perhaps best novel.

Despite all the merits and “a bowler hat”, Colin paid less than half for what she did on the level, and often higher-level male staff. Something was keeping others working close colleagues, did not suit her, Colin. She belonged to any feminist movements, but feeling the proverbial “glass ceiling” began to interfere with work.

Later she wrote:

“In life there are things more important and interesting than dancing around a selfish, narcissistic men, although it seems most women prefer to live my life this way”.

It is very early to start to think about what awaits her in her old age, once a favorite job bad job, which once marked the father, “the Profession needs to feed.” Pension for women is also significantly inferior to men’s, and clever Colin already thinking about what her other options but to work in research medicine. She had quite a good command of painting, but more, she was attracted by literature, which in my childhood my parents made a taboo. Astonishingly, it is ephemeral literary bread author of one of the most famous dramatic and touching women’s novels in the first place, from Mercantile considerations. Джастин, дочь Мэгги от брака с ЛюкомJustin, Maggie’s daughter from her marriage with Luke
Still from the TV series “the thorn birds”

Fear of financial insolvency of the women were motivated by another factor — she was still a spinster. But not at the whim of fate, but because of their own beliefs. Future celebrity didn’t like to talk about it, but, judging by separate remarks, repulsive example of the relationship between the parents forever instilled in her and the brother aversion to the idea of tying the knot, or rather, chains of hymen.

The soul of the company, clever, “pot” never had intimate relationships with men. There was not even a trusted friend who could be a shoulder to cry on. Only brother, whom she suffered in the forthcoming book “the thorn birds”. This is the line of Dan and Justin, children Maggie, the main character of the book. Дэн, сын Мэгги и отца РальфаDan, the son of meggie and father Ralph
Still from the TV series “the thorn birds”

Maggie Cleary, as the author was deprived in childhood of maternal love. It’s the same feeling she had for her daughter almost to the end of the book.

To be continued…

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