Fedotov: “While not up to the transfers, but there’s still time”

Fedotov: "While not up to the transfers, but there's still time"

Head coach of “Orenburg” Vladimir Fedotov has shared his expectations from match against “Tambov” channel “Premier Match”.

Only five people on the bench. This is clearly not enough in order to rotate the part and always someone to replace. Will there be more transfers, are there any plans?

– Transfers? Here is also some coincidence, found the reference. In one of the training he received in the eyes, the eyes he there re-collected. Now everything seems to be held on a transfer, almost all the formalities have been settled, but in the last match of 8-th he, too, gets injured. See how develops?

– About Philip say?

Yes. Therefore, transfers – the kind of thing that is unpredictable.

– Transfers love peace, as you say?

– Yes, like the silence. Yet, while a little bit does not add up. However, we do not lose hope, the work is painstaking, there are candidates. I think there will be. There’s still time.

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