France will impose air passengers new collection

France will impose air passengers new collection

France will impose air passengers new collection

The French authorities decided to introduce a new “environmental” fee from passengers. It will apply from 2020 will vary from 1.5 to 18 Euro per departing passenger, according to sob.Q.

Fee for flying within the EU will be 1.5 euros in economy class and 9 euros in business class. For the other routes, including to Russia, the collection twice – 3 and 18 euros respectively. Passengers travelling to France or make France a transplant, the fee does not apply.

The introduction of fees will lead to a corresponding rise in price of tickets. Income from collection will be allocated for environmental needs.

The decision of the French government were dissatisfied with both sides of the environmental argument. The airline said that it would cost millions of euros, and environmental activists believe the fee is too small to force someone to abandon the flight.

However, the example of Britain, where a similar collection exists already for a decade and a half, proves that its value can quickly increase. During this time, the collection rate jumped 3-4 times for different routes and is now 13 pounds (15 euros) in economy class and 26 pounds (29 euros) to other classes for the route to 2000 miles (including Russia) and 78 and 172 pounds (87 and 191 EUR) for more distant flights. In addition, it is possible that in coming years similar to the French collection will appear in a number of other European countries or across the EU.

It is likely that the carriers whose passengers are most sensitive to price of tickets, will reconsider its plans in France. For example, Ryanair has repeatedly reduced flights to the country, impose any taxes or charges on tickets.

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