Where there is absolute silence for the sake of science?

For example, in the USA there is a place to go where very, very difficult without special permissions. No, this is not a top-secret “Area-51” where supposedly inhabited by aliens, protected by the US military forces. And it’s not some specially protected military base. Everything is quite accessible in terms of information. As they say, nothing from the public not hidden.

Just you will be offered until the entrance to the protected area to obtain a permit and pass all devices that generate electromagnetic background. Then you do not wish to be in the area of “green Bank”, not having a mobile phone, radio, electronic watches, tablet and many other benefits of civilization. And all this scientific “miracle” with strict supercontroller is close to Washington!

Грин-Бэнк - зона молчанияGreen Bank — area of silence
Photo: Source

Area where there is no modern civilization, has an area of 33 000 square kilometers. It was “dedicated” to the needs of science in 1958 the special authority of the us Department liaison. Squared from Charlottesville to West Virginia is totally prohibited to use any device that gives of electromagnetic radiation.

Here it is impossible to enter by car with a gasoline engine, as employed in the engine of a candle interfere. I wonder to whom they interfere? Parabolic radio telescope with a huge metal bowl. Its height is 148 meters. The device weighs 8500 tons. The diameter of the mirror is 100 metres away. The telescope accepts signals in the range of 0.1 — 116 GHZ. With it has been proven that our Galaxy (the milky way) is located in a huge group of galaxies and in diameter, the conglomeration of galaxies over 500 million light years.

Zone “green Bank” is characterized by the fact that it is very sparsely populated. The only town has a population of 147 people. It is not only the employees who maintain the radio telescope, but residents of the small town of green Bank.
РадиотелескопRadio telescope
Photo: Source

All feature that was moved about a hundred people who can not tolerate the man-made blockage of air noise and other electromagnetic radiation. Medicine does not recognize this disease. But in America there are approximately 5% of the total population of citizens who claim that they have hypersensitivity to any electromagnetic radiation. It appears they have nausea and palpitations. These people tend not to use a mobile phone, WI-Fi, other electronic devices, don’t watch TV…

Of course, in the area of “green Bank” can receive signals. For example, radio broadcasts. But the peculiarity is — what to take? In stock because there are no devices for this. Real stone age! Or rather, the area of the great silence in the interests of science.

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