Where is the gold of the Third Reich? 1. What do the documents

It is known fact that Stalin was interested in finding another for the reason that still not solved the mystery of the missing gold of the Russian Empire. Operation investigation was codenamed “Cross”. However, almost immediately after Stalin’s death, all the search was terminated. But they increased activity began to be conducted in the West.

Question about the gold of the Reich was raised in the second half of may 1945. Made it adventurous by nature Americans. In many archives there are pictures where Americans visiting metal boxes with gold SS. It is known that some jewels of the Reichsbank at the end of the war he was placed in secret locations. Of course, under the guidance of military representatives of the Reich. Some caches were found by the Americans. According to the documents, compiled in the time of finding, it is clear that found only a small fraction of the treasures of German banks.

Among the documents is testimony that Martin Bormann (the second man in Hitler) on 10 August 1944 on the rights of the Manager on behalf of the führer held a secret meeting. In it, he suggested that the Swiss banks to take on long-term storage gold Reich. It was about the equivalent of 400 billion dollars US! Hearing such a staggering figure, the bankers asked for time for reflection.
Мартин Борман

Martin Bormann.
The problem was that technically the banks could not quickly “take” this large amount of gold. After all, he had been secretly (to avoid international scandal) to take out of Germany to Switzerland, not even cars and entire trains. Being a neutral country (not occupied by Germany and not to fight with her), Switzerland is not a risk (knowing that the war Hitler lost) ruin your financial reputation. Although, of course, a separate private large deposits Nazi elite in the banks of Switzerland were kept. In short, Borman received a polite refusal.

In such a situation, he appealed to the international Bank BIS, where personally I transferred ten billion dollars to the banks, Chile and Argentina. Technically it would fall under a private transfer. The rest of the gold “lock” on the territory of Germany under a complex issue. Spend it on the war were strictly forbidden under the pretext that it will take to create the Fourth Reich. I had to decide what to do with the gold?

Вальтер Функ

Walther Funk.

31 January 1945 the Minister of Finance Function ordered to deliver value in a safe place. From Berlin under heavy SS guard came train number 277 with 24 wagons full of gold. He disappeared without a trace. The Americans have not found any documents about where was his last stop. But I found in the archives of the instructions of the head of the special forces of the SS standartenfuhrer Otto Skorzeny on how and where to build hiding places for gold. They were marked on the map. But all the caches were false — they did so on purpose.

In the further part of gold found in deep Alpine lakes, mining adits and tunnels. Was even in 2015, the sensation that in Poland the composition found in an abandoned tunnel. But found in lakes, tunnels and other places was only a small part of the gold of the Reich. Where did the rest is unknown so far.

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