Where is the gold of the Third Reich? 2. Entangled tracks

Even such a super-secret data, what were the bunkers of Hitler, during the war was in terms of information well-known to the intelligence services of the anti-Hitler coalition. We must assume that during the transportation of gold, platinum and diamonds in the Fuehrer’s headquarters is considered and tried to the limit to confuse all the circumstances of the top-secret operation.

In cases with the construction of the bunkers of the führer precaution was too hard, but it is quite consistent with the requirement of secrecy: all the workers (they were mostly prisoners of war) at the end of construction were shot on the spot. It’s been done with a number of the Germans themselves among specialists. However, the design and construction of the bunkers were directly or indirectly connected to senior officials in several ministries. The leak still occurred.

We can assume that given this experience, Martin Bormann and the nearest face of the unit, SS have developed a more efficient form of conspiracy. Historians do not doubt that a small portion of gold (approximately $100 million of the total $400 billion) was exported from Berlin in other parts of the SS outside the special unit. In fact, this gold just donated to direct after the war in search of a dead-end.

Actually, that’s exactly what happened then. Using the rumors, separate evidence during interrogations of captured SS and archival documents, the occupying forces of the Americans found in the vicinity of Berlin part of geocaching. At the same time, of course, was discovered and about the caches. The Americans focused on the fact that they are on the right track and the main gold must be sought not only in Germany but also its neighboring countries.

Confidence increased when the boxes with the missing gold began to find in Alpine lakes. However, by adding up all the found, historians and military experts of the USA have come to the conclusion that the discovered little more than 20% of the gold disappeared. There was a version that searches need not be limited to Europe and to other continents. For example, in South America.

On the extension searches talking particularly active after off the coast of Argentina was discovered deliberately flooded the submarines of the Reich. It could only mean that their crews survived and were able to “infiltrate” the local population is using to bribe officials gold bullion. Thus, the theory that the gold of the Reich could take on submarines to other continents, gained like real features.
Юлиан Семенов

Julian Semyonov

The version is even more plausible when Julian Semenov, speaking in Madrid with Otto Skorzeny (his role in the theft of gold of the great Reich, died in 1975), concluded that the wealth of the Third Reich hidden somewhere in South America. Yuri Semyonov once even wrote the following:

“I saw in Peru, the gold bar with a swastika. There was a broken “Reichsbank”. Until now, these ingots are stored in Bank of Honduras.”

So, gold could get into South America. Especially when you consider the important fact that before the end of the war in Germany of submarines regular vyhodili long voyage. Not all of them then returned.

However, all attempts to find the hiding places of the Third Reich in South America were unsuccessful. They were lost in the vast territory. Maybe Semenov was right that the gold of the Fuhrer can not be found in the recesses and directly in the vaults of South American banks? However, none of the banks do not voluntarily disclose information about who and what keeps.

The dead end in the search? Not really. You can still assume that the primary gold is still on another continent less open to searches than South America.

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