Where is the gold of the Third Reich? 3. Secret base in Antarctica

Starting in 1939, Germany began to regularly send to Antarctica surface ships and submarines. The aim was to create in the ice of the coldest and complex for the normal life of the continent, a kind of comfortable prison with a purely German discipline.

For the colony was selected as the coast of Queen Maud Land. There were Germans from the plane was scattered across the surface of metal pendants with a swastika, “zastaviv” for an area far exceeding the territory of Germany. The generated colony was given the name “New Swabia”.

Among delivered their specialists were experienced builders of tunnels and various other areas. Of large loads — the most modern mining equipment and railroad tracks. All construction works were carried out under the control of the military. For the slightest error in anything should have a harsh punishment. The approaches to the colony was protected by a large naval ships and submarines. Any approach to the shore other vessels (particularly whaling, from countries not participating in the war) met a massive fire and the requirement to withdraw immediately from the shore.

That the Third Reich created in Antarctica a large colony, well aware of US. For example, the American scout Wendell Stevens claimed that of the nine companies with highly sensitive advanced (at the time of the war) technology to eight companies to the Americans failed to find in Germany with equipment. It was taken in the “New for Swabia”.

Moreover, in the summer of 1945 in the port of Mar del Plata (Argentina) went submarines U-530 and U-977. Their crews asked for fuel and food, but was arrested by the Americans. During the interrogation it was found out a curious circumstance. In one of his campaigns the crews of these boats brought in the “New for Swabia” from the port of Kiel (Germany) some very important people that all swimming hid their faces from the crew masks. Немецкая подводная лодка U-977 в Мар-дель-Плата. На заднем плане тральщик ARA Py (M-10) типа «Бушар»German submarine U-977 in Mar del Plata. In the background is the minesweeper ARA Py (M-10) type “Bouchard”

In fact, in Antarctica, was a powerful military base, which at that time could not compete any state. It is assumed that the database had vortex generators of electricity (they are available just now), which gave very large energy reserves. Their use could provide a comfortable life in the deep tunnels, even the city’s population is several thousand people! Food? If there is electricity, hot water, established in the premises of the right climate, you can grow all that is somehow growing. Well, the seafood will always give the ocean.

About super secret database 211 (also called “New Swabia”) in 1943, he let slip a hint of the commander of the submarine fleet of the Third Reich, Admiral Karl Doenitz. He stated the following:

“The German submarine will enter yourself in the story though that in another part of the globe has created the greatest and most impregnable fortress”.

It was a hint at the existence of the Third Reich a reserve option for the future. According to those who carefully searched for information in the archives, go to the base 211, was taken all the occult relics of the Third Reich. Including the most valuable, which were worshiped by the Nazis.

Полярная станция «Ноймайер III»Polar station “Neumayer III”
If we consider that the attitude of the Fuehrer and his army at the end of the war was known to the world community, then it is permissible to assume that the most reliable place for jewelry they can choose exactly their base 211. The search for the missing gold it is necessary to conduct in Antarctica!

However, the base itself is still not found. And in the “New Swabia” is the German polar station “Neumayer III”. But the land which “staked out” for the Nazis, set to 600 000 sq km!

As they say, you have to find a needle in a haystack. The case can help global warming of the planet, which will lead to the melting of ice of Antarctica. Perhaps, then, and found the carefully concealed entrance to the secret base.

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