Huawei showed and told, how is the P30 Pro

Usually the production process of any of the iconic smartphone, especially the flagship — the secret behind seven seals. But it still talks about how made the device — with a focus on high product quality and streamlined production processes. With Huawei P30 Pro, it did.

Huawei показала и рассказала, как производится P30 Pro

The company invited the editor of the Mirror Online for its factory located in industrial Park, Songshan Lake Dongguan (Guangdong province). From there, these photos and the description of the manufacturing process.

The plant has several production lines, each of which produced 2400 smartphones a day. Previously, one production line (and its length, among other things, is about 120 meters) served 86 workers now, after the widespread introduction of robots, and enough 17. As noted in Huawei, the process from delivery to the conveyor of the raw materials and Assembly to testing and packaging are automated.

Huawei показала и рассказала, как производится P30 Pro

First, in automatic mode, going to the mainboard of a smartphone, then it passes strict quality control. Next on the conveyor belt to join other components — display, battery, camera. All this is done automatically. The worker then wraps a smartphone in a protective film (not to leave fingerprints), conducts a drop test, pumping AT testing the major components (camera, loudspeaker, video playback), and only after successful completion of all these tests is installed the firmware EMUI. On old protective film is removed, the corps applied the logos, the smartphone is packaged and sent to the store.

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