Hubble has discovered the brightest quasar Universe

The light emitted is equivalent to 600 trillion Suns. Is a celestial body 12.8 million kilometers from Earth.

The astronomers from Arizona state University in the US discovered the brightest quasar J043947.08 163415.7, which is located in the early Universe. Scientists say that around him, time slows down. About it is celebrated on the Hubble website.

Celestial body failed to detect because it is located on the Hawaii Observatory. Emitted by the quasar light equivalent to 600 trillion Suns.

Due to such a high brightness object lensing – that is, the gravity surrounding the Earth the celestial bodies effect on the quasar is like a magnifying glass.

Before that it was considered to be located can be such only radio sources in the distant Universe, at a time like this is a quasar in the early Universe.

Earlier it was reported that astronomers took the most distant object in the Solar system. Around the star is a celestial body makes a complete revolution for more than 1,000 years.

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