How to find their place in work?

There are four classes of companies. This is a group of people United on the principles qualities of the character, duties and some other features. Accordingly, there are other signs that appear as a consequence of the first. The representatives of different classes tend to have different spheres of professional activities and different levels of well-being. They are very different degree of responsibility. And, most importantly, their knowledge may vary in depth just dramatically.

The main and most numerous class is a class of workers. By this term I mean not just the person engaged in physical labor, and personality, having the ability to engage in such activities. That is, denote a reference to the qualities of the individual, not to the nature of their professional duties.

We often do not do their job. So, a person working profession engaged in business, trying his hand at politics. Sometimes Vice versa: tired of the level of responsibility yesterday, the teacher suddenly keen on agriculture. In this case, the person remains in the estate of the worker or in another class according to the qualities of character, and in fact he engaged in activities of a class.

It should be clearly understood that this refers to. Neither the occupation nor the current level of wealth or knowledge, or birth into a particular family are not the determining factors to take the person to a particular class. Although they can be an indirect sign of belonging of a person to a particular caste, we should see these criteria as a consequence rather than a cause determination in a particular group. Only the personal qualities of character of a person determine belonging to a particular class.

The workers represent people with a predisposition to simple physical or mental work. By profession they tend to gravitate towards traditional types of physical activity: a handyman, a bricklayer, a farmer, painter, fitter, Turner…

In this class, we can observe a wide range of activities. There is an obvious specialization in the work, and knowledge. This knowledge, incidentally, represents the core set of information with a practical orientation. Труженики являются основой обществаWorkers are the Foundation of society
This class, as I have said, is the Foundation of society, it provides food, service and other mechanisms in order to be able to exist and fulfil their other estates. Workers can’t be too rich, it will be the burden of excess of wealth. But over-condition and does not appeal. Big money promise a high level of responsibility. And these people are alien to this feeling. And of course, they avoid it in all possible ways, exposing the true features of his character.

Full-time worker responsible for his family and close relatives, for the satisfaction of their basic needs. And even this level of responsibility incompletely defined. Can not do without the participation of other people, and even members of other classes. For example, the worker is obliged to work, but to organize the working process, to provide a workplace he is no longer able.

The more thoroughly a representative of a class focused on their responsibilities defined by the system, the more happily and harmoniously develops his life. In the family he will have wealth and prosperity. Depend on the relationship with the second half, the level of education of children, position in society. Чем лучше трудящийся раскрывает свои стремления к работе, тем счастливей складывается жизньThe better the worker reveals his desire to work, the happier is the life

In the case where we are trying to develop in spite of these commitments do not wish to perform his duty, or undertake to fulfill someone else’s, bring on themselves a greater flow of negative karma. And here we have to expend more energy. And this energy, in turn represented by positive karma that could be spent on some useful achievements or overcome difficulties.

The duties of the worker are also built based on his needs. They, in turn, represented the most essential elements. Nutrition, sleep, protection, sexual relationship — that’s the basic list of human needs. Thus, the duties of a laborer are to supply themselves with food, accommodation, the provision of basic protection system and the family. For the formation and maintenance of those areas of life people need to study, to work, to be able to build some relationships with people and to be sufficiently integrated in society, clearly take their place in it.

Of course, on this platform all needs are met at the lowest possible level. The worker will raise funds for food, e.g. in restaurants. He doesn’t need a castle as the accommodation is too burdensome. Protection functions of this class are guaranteed not to create security systems, weapons or hiring security. They can use only that provided by the state or by the enterprise of the employer that provide protection and social security for the required level without any extra costs. Не высшее образование помогает человеку, а внутреннее стремлениеNot higher education helps the person, and the inner desire and desire for any kind of activities

Advertising luxury items — yachts, villas on the first line of the ocean, exclusive sports cars, masterpieces of jewellery art has no meaning in Newspapers, at bus stops and generally in the environment of the working class. But there are not obvious at first glance, examples. Promotion and advertising of higher education, places of leisure, cultural events or institutions among the representatives of workers will not have the desired effect and, again, distract a large amount of useful energy from the natural course of life.

A high level of education is not peculiar to the workers, they have no such obligation. An exceptional amount of people of this class may require higher education to perform their natural activities. But what we’re seeing now?

Out of habit, grafted state of the past, to obtain a high level of education has become almost a necessity. The vast majority of people committed to higher educational institutions and sometimes gets a few degrees. In addition, they graduate from different kinds of courses — leadership, communication, management and accounting; study of foreign languages. People get the idea that all of this will help them to earn big money and achieve better living conditions.

In the end, they still work where you must, and earn as much as is necessary for the realization of their basic needs. That’s the law, and break it dangerous.

Everyone needs to do their work, and this is its advantage.

The extra training, the increased dedication and the search result itself, as you already know, to distortions in the flow of life. Useful energy, which is released over people to achieve results, is wasted in those areas where it is impossible to be realized. Каждый должен заниматься своим деломEveryone needs to do their job

The Scriptures say:

“It is better to perform your own duty (vocation), though not so perfectly than in the perfection to fulfill the duty of someone else.”

And it gives us one of the most important principles for further development.

In a normal society, the number of bar workers reaches 75-80%, but this refers, again, the identity of qualitative features. In practice, we can see that these ranks make up 90% of the population of the planet. And this is a big problem. At least one in ten people can’t find their destination.

But the depth of the problem can be revealed even stronger if we pay attention to the fact that its type of activities engaged in not more than half the people. The quality of performance of their duties can not even speak. Here it simply cannot be — as long as we are not mastered prerequisite knowledge.

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