How to record a podcast with your own hands?

However, today it is considered that the podcast is broadcast or publication on the Internet, and not just a set of audio cassettes or mp3 files on your hard disk.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines podcast:

“Podcast is called either a separate audio file, or a regularly updated series of such files, published on a single Internet resource, with the possibility of subscriptions”.

Besides Apple, its platform for listening to podcasts there and Google Podcasts. At the end of 2018, your collection of podcasts announced and Yandex. We believe that podcasts are experiencing a new boom, because in the United States for 12 years, the number of users increased by 44%.

Interestingly, Youtube, oddly enough, has also become a popular platform for podcasts: there are plenty of spots where, in fact, have voice-over text and static picture.

Creating a podcast

Записывать подкаст желательно динамическим микрофономIt is desirable to record a podcast dynamic microphone
One audio can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours the work of several people. On average, preparation for recording takes an hour. Another three hours to write, then five hours for installation. Two hours for registration and publication. The last hour will be spent on the new PR audio in social networks and other channels.

To record a podcast, preferably a dynamic microphone, it suppresses echo and background noise. Yes, condenser MICS give the best quality recording, but demanding silence. If you write in the room, upholstered in a soft sound-proof material, all alone, choose a capacitor, and if doing a podcast in a regular room or where necessary, the dynamic.

Novice podcasters for recording fit a simple USB microphones like the Audio-Technica AT2020USB or the Samson Q1U is quite simple. Just don’t faint from the prices of these “simple” models!

Recording programs, you can choose any. Play the free editor Audacity and do not bother. The editor is free and works under Windows and Mac OS. Under “Apple OS” is even GarageBand. Also popular with podcasters Adobe autdition CC and Sound Forge.

To speak, not to read!

Как записать подкаст своими руками?

A common mistake beginners — read podcast of the sheet. Alas, it kills the liveliness of the voice. Text and speech are very different formats. Of course, you can write in a conversational style, but you got a double job. Therefore, the monologue or dialogue should be planned on the topics, but avoid the 100% reading on a piece of paper. You can always use the scheme of question-answer, even if it’s not an interview and story from one person.

Rough plan (script) of the podcast:

  • Entry. The theme of the podcast “How to write a story”.
  • How to begin writing tales — examples, recommendations of the authors.
  • The structure of the fairy story.
  • Mistakes of novice storytellers.
  • Summing up, the conclusion of the podcast.

Presenter or invited the interviewee to gradually open planned theme, and then the whole thing is mounted in a solid audioperformance.

The script podcast helps to avoid hitches, words-parasites and all sorts of “well”, “uh”, “um” and other vocal lewdness with voice recording.

The equipment for the podcast

In addition to the microphone podcaster good to have:

  • the MIC switch is in soundless mode;
  • preamplifier;
  • the bushing for attachment of the microphone to the stand;
  • A 6-foot XLR cable from the microphone to the switch;
  • 3-foot XLR cable going from the switch to the preamplifier;
  • headphones;
  • rack for a microphone.

Save the recorded file is most convenient in mp3 format with bitrate of 128 kbps (kilobytes per second). Is the optimal quality for headphones. You can save and 320 kbps, but owners of inexpensive headphones and smartphones won’t be able to assess the quality of the recording. Как записать подкаст своими руками?

When recording two or more people, the volume levels of each speaker should be the same.

Non-technical tips

  • Mash the vocal cords, alternately making high and low sounds and taking his mouth widely. Then paperkite — exercise will stretch the muscles of the mouth for clear pronunciation.
  • Keep the back flat during the recording, otherwise the breathing will become uneven.
  • Keep the same pace throughout the entire podcast.
  • Watch out for mouth and lips: chomping, slurping, slamming will remain in the record.
  • Try to record an entire podcast without long pauses between the individual parts. Even half an hour later the tone and pace of voice can dramatically change.
  • Be careful with the improvisation! Rarely turns out well. It is better to follow the text.
  • Add music, but make sure that it was lower volume than the speech of the participants of the podcast.

Making a podcast

Не забудьте и про оформление: заставку, призывы,Do not forget about the sound effects podcast: Intro, theme, plan
At the beginning of the ad it would be good to make a splash — a musical sample or sound effect, mixed with the voice. In the Intro declares the author of the podcast, the name of the show or the slogan of the project. Those who remember the Winamp player, you know how wound up the phrase “It Really Whips the Llama”s Ass!”.

After the screen saver declares a topic. If the few, following the announcement follows one pause: “Today we will talk about Topic 1 [pause] and 2 Theme”.

Then follows the basic outline of the podcast (the script), and in the end the author indicates the sources of the data, if it was information or news podcast, and thanks all who helped, urged to subscribe to a podcast, announces the topic of the next podcast.

Between headings and topics of the podcast are music or noise overcall (or transitions, we are not engineers and don’t know the exact term). You can still do the cross fade: fades one audio track, and the second increases the volume. But this is not for beginners.

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