What food is bad for the heart?

Unfortunately, most of delicious dishes that are on our table, harm health and cause disease, including cardiovascular. What foods are bad for your heart? What you should eliminate from your daily menu, in order not to face problems in the work of this important body?


Excessive consumption increases the swelling pressure, and with it the risks of heart disease and blood vessels. From salt rich foods need to give up for the sake of their own health and longevity.

Canned foods

Who doesn’t love canned pickles or tomatoes? How to improve the taste of dishes of various sauces and ketchup! However, this food is bad for the heart because it contains a lot of salt and preservatives, and nutrients that are in fresh vegetables and fruits, in canned. Better prefer frozen vegetables.

Purchased semi-finished products

As delicious and convenient in terms of preparation did not seem to us to purchase cheesecakes or dumplings, meatballs or pizza, they are saturated with salt, preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavors and other “chemistry”. Do not be lazy and cook food at home, without resorting to store-bought products. Health is more expensive!


This delicious food can not be called good for the heart. It contains a large amount of salt and protein, which makes it harmful for blood vessels. Especially such food is contraindicated to people with high cholesterol. To risks associated with the occurrence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, significantly increase. Какая пища вредна для сердца?

Fried chicken

Nowadays it is difficult to meet someone who doesn’t like fried to a crisp Golden brown chicken. Unfortunately, this delicious dish has a huge drawback — it is too much cholesterol. It is better to cook chicken fillets steam cutlets or meatballs. This is much healthier for the heart.


This food product we call margarine. It is rich in partially hydrogenated fats, harmful to the heart and accelerating procession of aging in General.


Your Breakfast traditionally consists of a sandwich with sausage or bacon and eggs? In this case, you are putting your health at great risk. Store-bought sausages saturated with preservatives, flavors, stabilizers and other harmful to the heart substances used by manufacturers to improve the taste and presentation of products, extending its suitability. In addition, they too much salt. Какая пища вредна для сердца?

Cubes for the broth

The habit of adding during cooking soups bouillon cube to enhance the flavor and aroma can harm your health. Such products contain in large quantity a substance called MSG. It stimulates the body’s production of insulin, leading to deposition of fat and excess weight, which is known to be a threat to heart health.

Fast food

Lovers of burgers and fries, you should know that this food is full of carbohydrates, fats and salt. Regular consumption of this harmful product can lead to obesity and adversely affect the heart. Какая пища вредна для сердца?


This tasty dish of Italian cuisine has long been loved by all of us. However, frequent eating is harmful to health and lead to weight gain. To completely abandon the pleasure eat pizza is not worth it. Advisable to eat in moderation, adding dish with greens and a salad of fresh vegetables.

Stands to limit yourself to the consumption of the above food to keep health and take care of your heart. The less junk food in the daily diet and more healthy, the better health!

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