What foreign series of the XXI century should look? Detectives: “Sherlock”, “Luther”, “reservoir dogs”

Of course, the origins of this image can be found in the stories of Edgar Allan PoE on Auguste Dupre. But Conan Doyle was able to bring the image of the detective to perfection, to make it a certain model, which in one degree or another, copied by many other authors of detective novels.

Who is this Mr. Holmes? First of all, this is an extremely rational person with phenomenal powers of observation, a perfect memory and wide erudition. However, he is not only a thinker, but also a talented actor (able to transform) and a real “horseman” (quickly runs, shoots, deftly Boxing). Holmes deliberately eschews female, and likes solitude, but to call it a complete sociopath too. He can be a reliable friend, he was no stranger to generosity and compassion. Well, to be more vivid, the author gives the character a number of habits and Hobbies — whether it’s a permanent Smoking pipe, playing the violin or the craving for cocaine.

Works about Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson portrayed so many times that each Director had to be original. However, as it turned out, the theme is still not exhausted. Not so long ago we saw another surge of interest in the kinodela to the image of the great detective.

Between 2009 and 2011 guy Ritchie takes off successful blockbusters, where detective outline gives way to luxury the action, and the images served openly mocking. Moreover, the Director even changes the emphasis. First, the canonical tall thinker played undersized Robert Downey Jr. Secondly, it is the rare case when Watson (played by Jude law) is not like the usual klutz and looks much more solid and more serious than funny eccentric Holmes.

The era in which characters act guy Ritchie, also submitted very willingly and grotesque, but it’s still the nineteenth century. But the creators of the TV series “Sherlock” and “Elementary” went the other way. They decided to imagine: what if such characters as Holmes and Watson existed in our time?

“Sherlock / Sherlock” (2010-2015)

Recommended translations: “LostFilm”, 1-channel. A poster of TV series “Sherlock”

The beginning of American detective series “Elementary” was very attractive. Holmes appeared in the form of a strange type, who is recovering from drug dependence, and the role of Watson and Moriarty all his… women. Unfortunately, an interesting idea has degenerated into a fairly standard detective who quickly bored me.

About the British TV series “Sherlock” say this is impossible. Each season consisted of only three series, and each of them is quite attracted to full-fledged film. They filmed the show for a long time, carefully, and it shows. Brilliant imagery, catchy music, inventive special effects, a variety of explicit and implicit references to the original, a parodic play on the familiar cliché, the mix of different genres, the premise of one story inside another , etc.etc. In General, this postmodernism — in the best sense of the word.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK7S9mrFWL4]

As in “Elementary,” the characters of Conan Doyle are placed in the realities of the XXI century. Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) instead of Newspapers and encyclopedias use the Internet, GPS and modern gadgets. It’s funny that a biography of Watson (Martin Freeman) even did not have to change: here he is also a veteran of the Afghan war — only war modern. A brother of Holmes, Mycroft is still working for the British secret service.

“Sherlock” will bring a lot of fun for those who like intricate plots, encrypted quotes and visual delights. Not only is much to find fault with the logic of the narrative — a series of frankly implausible. It is, above all, a game, a carnival of the imagination.

About which season of “Sherlock” is better, everybody has a different opinion. I think he held the bar up to the fourth season which, in my opinion, was too strained and forced. I was glad that he was the last.
If we talk about individual episodes, then I would pick the 1st series of the 1st season (where we get acquainted with the characters), the 1st series of the 2nd season (Irene Adler), 2nd series of the 3rd season (about the wedding Watson) and speciest “Ugly bride” (a surreal spin-off, drawn in the past).

“Luther / Luther” (2010-2019)

Recommended translation: by far the “Cube in cube”. The cover artwork of the series “Luther”

Although the TV series “Luther” is not postmodernity and more close to reality than Sherlock, waiting for him likelihood is not worth it. Suffice it to mention the scene where the man wanted by all the police of London, not even disables the mobile phone.

However, the series immediately riveted my attention. The secret, as usual, was to dynamic a strong story and charismatic characters. The chief is a hot — tempered inspector John Luther, played by black actor Idris Elba. Interestingly, in contrast to the American series, there are no references to racism, basketball, and rap. The skin color of the hero does not affect his personality, so after ten minutes you stop paying attention to it.

At first glance, the character of Luther is not devoid of the usual clichés. He’s completely absorbed in his work, destroying his family life, and likes to break the rules, which constantly adheres to the trouble. Despite this, the actor manages to create a vivid and original way that is evident even in gait.

The most original line of the series become a strange contradictory relationship between the inspector and Alice Morgan (played by Ruth Wilson) — the girl suspect in the murder of his parents. Cynical and intelligent sociopath, and unexpectedly for me, imbued with love for Luther, which gives the story the necessary “spice”.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRcizKbrsws]

The rest of the scheme of the series is quite traditional. Every season there is one leading outline, which is parallel to investigated different (mostly serial) murder.

As is often the case, the best was the 1st season. 2nd and 3rd came out too good, but then it began something strange. 4th season consisted of only 2 series were just “empty”. I have the feeling that it was taken out for “show” to fend off the fans.

After a long pause in the beginning of 2019 — on the screens out the 5th season, where they decided to settle all the unfinished story lines. But they brought so disgusting that spoiled the impression from the entire franchise. Therefore, we strongly recommend: on the 3rd season to watch it is not necessary. In any case.

The same can be said about another British series, which can be attributed to the genre “crime”.

“Mad dogs / Mad Dogs” (2011-2013)

Recommended translation: by far the “Cube in cube”. The cover artwork of the series “Mad dogs”

I don’t know why its creators chose the name, which is already closely associated with the famous Tarantino film. In addition, the very last person, and “reservoir dogs” his characters are not similar.

In the center of the story — the story of four British people, who are close friends since school. However, life, family, work bred each of them in their life “rut.” But there is a reason to meet, and not anywhere else, and a luxurious Villa on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The Villa belongs to their fifth school friend, inexplicably wealthy.

The first series is developing very slowly, and will immediately alienate fans of bloody action (this “action” starts only at the very end). Maybe it’s good.

After all, the main advantage of the series — not in a ridiculous and dangerous situation where everyone were friends. This situation is a test of their friendship, the reason to reveal the nature of each character. And since the characters are very different, and they behave differently. Watch this very interesting. Yes, and with a sense of humor here, all right.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qae7R6ct80Q]

Unfortunately, at the end of this series disappoints much more than Luther. The fact is that if you throw to watch “Luther” after the 3rd season, nothing to lose, because the season is ending (Yes, open to continuation, but still the final). No season of “Mad dogs” has no ending — even the intermediate. The last is the 4th season came out so nonsensical that it seems like the creators just didn’t know how to finish, and stupidly all “leaked”.

But even so, I am about watching “reservoir dogs” I do not regret it. And even, perhaps, revise them again.

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