Some African weapons are more dangerous than bullets?

In earlier times, this unique edged weapons were used in warfare. Now ping is used in some African tribes for hunting wild animals and birds.

Throwers pings very deftly handled it. The throw was instantaneous, often completely silent, and for a considerable distance. In the air as if for a split second, a bolt of lightning without the thunder. The roll was stunning. During the battle one soldier can leave the battlefield a lot of dead and wounded, using for throwing a few ping. In flight is a dangerous weapon was imperceptible in the air for the enemy and were struck by the blades not only chosen to throw the pings man, but those who were close to him. Hunting ping can kill or injure a few animals, too. Thrown into a flock of birds, it also gives a rich booty.

Африканские пингиAfrican pings

Who and when invented the ping is unknown. In travelers ‘ notes it is said that archaeologists found bronze pings. This means that this weapon was used in the bronze age — at the dawn of human history. In museums too, can be seen not only iron, but also bronze pings. And the modern are represented by instances of durable steel with very sharp blades.

But not anyone can throw a ping. Need to know how to hold in your hand, what angle to send, how much to do the swing arm. By the way, there are pings, which, like a boomerang, back to the dumper if you have made a blunder. It remains only to catch the weapon and throw again. But to catch the ping with the blades and not get hurt at the same time — it is extremely risky. However, in Africa there is a master, easily performing such a dangerous stunt.

Какое африканское оружие опаснее пули?Photo:

Interestingly, the African boys were taught not only the skill of the throw to pings, but the skill evasion from her. To see a flying ping difficult, but sometimes possible under certain circumstances. And then everything focuses on to Dodge the blades. This can be an instant jump to the side, rotate body from a different angle or a quick squat. Beasts and birds, of course, is not trained in this.

The sizes of the pings can be very different. The number of blades, their direction is also different. The only requirement is that the weapon should be well balanced and in flight to gain speed. There are pings, spinning in the air, which provides additional stabilization. This effect is applied to some types of firearms, which suggests it up with throwing weapons Africans. Какое африканское оружие опаснее пули?Photo:

There are pings that when flying the drone emit a very low level. Thrown multiple ping could its hum to impose on the enemy the horror that was intensified at the sight of freshly killed and wounded soldiers.

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