When electric cars came up in price with cars on ice – view Nissan

According to representatives of Nissan’s all-electric vehicles reach price parity with diesel and gasoline passenger cars just a few years – in the first half of the next decade.

Nissan confirms its Outlook, citing a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, which stated that the price of electric vehicles and cars with internal combustion engines came up in 2024. Moreover, the Japanese do not exclude the possibility that a price gap may disappear even a little early.

The head of the direction Nissan electric Nick Thomas said that in five years the cost of batteries will drop below $ 100 per kilowatt-hour, while stricter norms of harmful emissions will definitely affect the increase in the price of cars with internal combustion engines, which ultimately will lead to the equalization of prices.

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When electric cars came up in price with cars on ice – view Nissan

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Thomas also noted that the new electric model of the firm, which will hit the market in the early 20-ies will be sold at very competitive prices, amid petrol and diesel models.

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