The crater of the asteroid Ryugu called “Kolobok”

Crater Gingerbread man located on the surface of the asteroid Ryugu

For choices of names for objects on the map scientists use children’s stories. The name is taken from the tale of the fisherman Urashima Tarot.

Representatives of the Japanese aerospace research Agency (JAXA) has published a map of the surface of the asteroid Ryugu. One of its craters is called “Kolobok”. This is stated in the Twitter-account @haya2e_jaxa.

The study of the asteroid carried out using interplanetary station Hayabusa-2. The station was next to the asteroid in summer 2018 and landed on its surface several models designed for studies.

The names for different areas of the crater, marked on a topographic map, choosing from fairy tales. In particular, the name of the crater borrowed from the Japanese tale of the fisherman Urashima Taro.

The map was also published in the social network. Yellow marked her official designation, which adopts the international astronomical Union, and the orange – aliases.

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