Bloody wolf superlon: celestial phenomena in 2019

The coming year will delight fans of astronomy a lot of beautiful events in the sky.

Scientists were able to film the meteorite fall on the moon during an Eclipse of the moon in the night from 20 to 21 January, which was called bloody SUPERLINE.

Astronomers from the Spanish University in the city of Huelva for many years tried to remove this phenomenon, but every time something went wrong – for example, sometimes the flash happened before the Eclipse.

The scientists increased the number of telescopes in two times – up to eight to cover a larger surface of the moon and not miss anything. According to them, the weight of a fallen meteorite is about two pounds.

1. Superlounge Eclipse

The supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs during the full moon and perigee (point of closest approach of the moon and the Earth).

In the night of Monday, January 21, the Northern hemisphere could observe a rare combination of three astronomical phenomena, which is called bloody wolf supermoon.

Passing through our atmosphere, the sun’s rays scatter the shorter waves, for example, blue, while the longer waves of red-orange spectrum reach the moon, so she acquires a crimson hue.

The moon has dozens of nicknames for different times of the year: the full Moon in January is called a wolf, icy or old. It also comes in blue, pink, white sturgeon, the March harvest.


Simple, but no less interesting phenomenon. 20, 21 January, 19 February and 21 March, the Moon will be very close to the Ground, so its details can be viewed not only through a camera lens or binoculars and the naked eye.

Bloody wolf superlon: celestial phenomena in 2019Getty

3. The kiss of Venus and Jupiter

During the “kiss” Venus and Jupiter are approaching each other at the minimum distance from which the phenomenon got its name.

The planet can be seen on January 22 and 24 November low on the horizon on the South-Eastern part of the sky, if the weather is clear and cloudless. The most striking phenomenon is from 7.30 to 8.00 am.

Bloody wolf superlon: celestial phenomena in 2019Getty

4. Meteor shower

Meteor shower more popularly known as shooting stars. This magical phenomenon of “hunting” people from all over the world. But in the old days, a rain of fire often caused fear and various superstitious and mystical experiences.

6 and 7 may provided a clear sky can be seen the iron rain from more than 50 meteorites.

Bloody wolf superlon: celestial phenomena in 2019Getty

5. A total solar Eclipse

This phenomenon can be called one of the most fascinating. Unlike an ordinary solar Eclipse, which covers the Sun only partly during a complete, you will see only the “drive” of our star.

This time, unfortunately, to consider it will be possible only in Northern Chile. A solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon completely covers the Sun. The Eclipse will last about three minutes 2 July.

Bloody wolf superlon: celestial phenomena in 2019


6. The passage of mercury over the solar disk

Such an event rarely happens when mercury passes between the Sun and Earth. This year it will be held on 11 November, and the next time it will be possible to see in 2032.

Is a phenomenon that when observed from Earth, mercury will be visible as a small black dot that moves across the solar disk.

Bloody wolf superlon: celestial phenomena in 2019

7. Ring of fire

26 December, you can see a real kolzo of fire around the moon. On this day, the satellite will appear smaller than usual, while being further than usual from the Ground.

It is necessary to use special glasses to safely watch the phenomenon. The Best phenomenon will be seen in the South of India, Singapore, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

Bloody wolf superlon: celestial phenomena in 2019

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