Legendary Nokia N9 can revive

Company Global HMD may have decided to revive another iconic Nokia mobile phone. Talking about the Nokia N9, which in some circles has become a cult, and in General very significant for Nokia.

At CES at booth 2019 Google showed several mobile phones that support the Google Assistant but do not work on Android.

Among them was JioPhone and Nokia 8110 4G running KaiOS. But the third device is very reminiscent of is the Nokia N9.

Moreover, the device shows the logo of the brand, that is not someone’s Chinese artifact. And that’s what this smartphone is unclear, because the N9 was not supported by the Google voice assistant, as it is simply not there.

It is therefore logical to assume that Nokia N9 can revive in a modern device. Well, or someone just mistakenly hung on the stand the original model.

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