Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6X6 by Mansory – made in Zhytomyr (video)

Tuning of the Affairs of the master from Zhitomir showed another stunning project – a six-wheeled Gelandewagen. Machine as two drops of water replicates the original Mercedes G-Class 6X6 by Mansory, which cost hundreds of thousands.e.

Zhytomir “Gaelic” has a spectacular appearance, a carbon fiber hood and bumper, and a 37-inch wheels. The body is protected with a coating of LineX. Lights – in the style of Mansory. There were footrests, electrically, and not only the side doors but the hinged rear. By the way, in the open compartments have wooden floors. On the sides are leatherette sofas, which is used for the roof of limousines. In the back can accommodate up to 8 Rangers. It turns out, Zhytomyr Mercedes G-Class 6X6 by Mansory built just for hunters.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6X6 by Mansory – made in Zhytomyr (video)

Zhytomyr analogue of G-Class 6X6 by Mansory

How the car behaves on the roads? The machine is not afraid of bad roads and deep snow. There are three gantry bridge with all the locks and wonder shock absorbers $ 8,000. Although the FDA has nuances, compared to a conventional 4×4. According to test driver, when cornering on slippery surfaces a bit annoying the third bridge, which pushes the car out of the turn.

Snowy slopes of the Mercedes G-Class 6X6 by Mansory first could not overcome with disabled locks. After you lock the center differential – it has moved from a dead point. Subsequent lock all three differentials provided the winning climbing a mountain.

Impressive suspension stroke has been demonstrated during diagonal display Mercedes G-Class 6X6 by Mansory. The door is freely opened and closed, which means good body stiffness.

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