Is it possible to build a house for 1 000 000?!

Many are willing to abandon the usual goods in favor of the acquisition of such property, and almost all are looking for offers, helping to save on the purchase. As a budget option, many construction companies will present their projects at a cost of one million rubles. Is it possible? That can get a buyer for the money? The answers in this article.

What technical capacity may have a home for a million rubles?

Initially, at the stage of determining their personal preferences it is important to decide what you want to have the result: a cottage for summer holidays or year round residence. On the basis of functionality, and will be produced first approximate calculations.

There are ready-made model projects, whose estimated cost is placed in the designated amount. Construction companies offer:

  • Frame-and-panel design in a one and half storey with attic on a pile Foundation. The total living area of approx 70 m2. This house can be use only for summer residence. He was raised in just three months and is ideal for families consisting of four people. Perhaps if we manage to conspire with the builders, it is possible to increase the area of the living space by adding a Bay window and veranda. Then to get enough money together to further insulate homes, install heating and turn the design into the winter residence. Stick frame cottages are suitable for those who acquire such property for the future improvement. They are a great solution in a situation where you need here and now to build a country house for one million roubles.

Frame-panel technology is considered one of the most economical

  • Box at home, collected from logs on the tape base. The amount you can get a “mix” of 30 m2, one floor. Its construction taking into account the fill and shrinkage of the Foundation goes a little more than six months. The main advantage of such a purchase — no need to do interior trim. If during the construction of boxes made of logs were met all the technological requirements, the amount of internal finishing works will be minimized.
  • A house of debarked logs area of 50 m2. This building material is obtained by manual processing of felled the tree, he just removed the top thin layer of bark, with a protective layer of wood remains. This increases the resistance of the workpieces and the strength of the elements, from which then the house is being built. Timber treated in this way, do not rot, they are not sharpened and don’t bite the insects. Barking and prevents the deformation of the material, it provides less shrinkage, resulting in reduced consumption of raw materials. This circumstance determines the cost of Finance. The beam can be coated with stain or varnish, then the construction will acquire original and exquisite appearance. This option may be suitable for those who want to build a cottage and then rent it out. In fact, it is a good business that can help to maintain a core capital against inflation and get good dividends. Construction period — about a year.

Строительство дома из окоренного бревнаBuilding a house of debarked logs

  • One-storey house from a bar of 40 m2 with beautiful roof of complex shape. This option is often chosen for the construction of facilities intended for special events, weddings and anniversaries. The facade is sheathed with siding, in front of the house is equipped with a large outdoor area.

The price of these standard projects of houses is not included in the delivery of construction materials for the selected area (it is different in different regions of our country). In the indicated estimates is no cost for the erection of fences, installation of septic tank and installation of utilities.

There is another important point which helps to save on the construction of a country house. Many people prefer to choose the area of housing and to order the production of project under individual preferences. It takes a certain amount of money that could be spent on interior decoration, for example. Over one million rubles, you can only build a cottage on a standard project. Construction companies offer it for free, subject to the conclusion of the contract for construction. So do not initially spraying means. Пример типового проектаAn example of a typical project

How else can you save?

When browsing the finished projects, along with the house plan to request from the construction company and documentation related to cost estimates. Competent calculation of the budget will help to protect yourself from unnecessary spending.

The cost of construction is determined by several spending categories. In addition to project documentation, separately computed items such estimates:

  • The cost of the Foundation. It is about 20% of the total construction cost. The numbers can increase if the customer wants to erect near the house or garage to make the basement and use it as a cellar. At most budget-friendly option strip Foundation will cost 60,000 rubles. For frame boxes we can use pile Foundation, but it is never a factor on sandy soils.
  • The cost of the walls. It is determined based on the selected construction material, it additionally be added to the acquisition costs of mounting bolts, metal profiles and corners, and other similar items.

В смете должны учитываться все составляющие стенThe estimate should take into account all the components of the walls

  • The cost of the roof. 10% of all costs. The final amount may vary due to the selected roofing material. Practice shows that all existing species are about the same service life, new products are more expensive. If they are not chasing, it’s easy to fit in the allocated limit. The roof must be erected immediately after the construction of walls. The only way to ensure proper preservation of the wood. In the absence of protection from rain and snow, the wood will absorb excess moisture, swell, become covered with mold. This will significantly reduce the lifetime of the house.
  • The cost of the Windows and doors. If a wooden house, they also better to make out of wood: plastic double-glazed Windows will contribute to the formation of condensation, it will provoke the formation of mould at the junction of the openings.

Окна и двери надо выбирать тщательноThe Windows and doors you should choose carefully

  • The cost of wiring. When the house is built with wood, it is important to observe all fire safety rules and not to save on the purchase of consumables. For the designated purposes best suited to the cable, which has a high quality polyurethane coil (only she has a high class fire safety). And even then it should be Packed in a special plastic or metal boxes. In addition, it is useful inside and outside of all the wooden elements of the house be treated with special impregnation.
  • The cost of water supply. It is also an important expenditure item. If the site is not connected to the main water pipe, you will need to drill well. To do this inside the house can not: the excess moisture will quickly result in mildew and black mildew. The hole should be drilled on the site near the source. If the house will be used all year round, then in the project documentation necessary to provide a scheme of application of water through the Foundation.

As you can see, the statement does not include the cost of finishing works. Here everyone is his own master. Even without finishing the wooden house will look very impressive.

A visual description of the house for a million — in the following video:

Today to build a vacation house only for one million rubles, you can, if you try in advance to optimize costs and to contact a specialized company engaged in low-rise construction under the key. It is important to choose a company with a good reputation, then very soon on the site will appear good giving.

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