Over the Bering sea was a massive explosion of the meteorite

Over the Bering sea was a massive explosion of the meteorite

Над Беринговым морем произошел мощный взрыв метеорита

Photo: pixabay

The asteroid exploded over the Bering sea

He is recognized as the second largest after the Chelyabinsk explosion in the atmosphere of a huge meteorite.

Scientists said the powerful explosion of a meteorite in the Earth’s atmosphere, which is called the second largest after Chelyabinsk. The incident occurred over the Bering sea. About pichett Express.co.uk.

The explosion is recognized as the second largest of its kind over the past 30 years. The release of energy in the explosion of a cosmic body in 10 times exceeded that which was observed from the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima.

The representative of NASA’s Lindley Johnson said that the fall of such a big ball of fire may be only two or three times every 100 years.

The asteroid swept through the atmosphere at a speed of 32 km/s at a steep trajectory at seven degrees. A space rock the size of several meters and exploded at an altitude of 25.6 km above the Earth’s surface with an impact energy of 173 kilotons.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered in Chile, the traces of a global catastrophe due to the fall of a huge comet.

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