NASA has warned about the approach of a large asteroid

NASA has warned about the approach of a large asteroid

К Земле летит большой астероид

Photo: ESA

The Earth is flying a large asteroid

Space body will fly up to 40 times closer to Earth than Venus. The planet the asteroid does not threaten.

The Earth is approaching a large asteroid flying at a speed of 13 kilometers per second. About it it is reported on the official website of NASA.

OU1 2019 the asteroid will pass about 1 million kilometers from our planet. This distance is 40 times less in comparison with the placement of Venus in relation to Earth.

According to the United States space Agency, the diameter of a celestial body is about 160 meters.

The closest the asteroid will fly by Earth on August 28. NASA emphasize that planet is a celestial body is not in danger.

Scientists believe that terrestrial space can be approximately 17 thousand are known to astronomers of asteroids.

Yesterday it was reported that the probe Hayabusa 2 has transferred the first pictures of an asteroid. Also the Correspondent wrote that unnoticed by astronomers, a large asteroid exploded over Puerto Rico.

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