Heir iPhone XR could be the record for autonomy among all iPhone

Heir iPhone XR, which is expected for release in the autumn, you may obtain a record battery life among all smartphones Apple.

Наследник iPhone XR может стать рекордсменом по автономности среди всех iPhone

This includes both software and hardware improvements. iPhone XR 2 will have a battery production Chinese ATL (Amperex). The same manufacturer was selected by Samsung for not exploding version of Galaxy Note 7, after “fire” of the failure with its own battery of Samsung SDI.

The new battery has a capacity 3110 mAh, an increase of 5% compared to 2942 mAh in the iPhone XR. This is the most succinct one-cell battery in the iPhone. The original iPhone ahead of XR autonomy as the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max, despite the greater capacity of the latter.

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