An incredible operation to rescue the truck in Kiev (video)

In Kiev on 12 January on the Boulevard of the Verkhovna Rada it was possible to observe, how to evacuate the broken tractor MAZ-5432. Usually, this is done using a specialized tow truck on the base of the truck. However, if he is not around, it is possible to resort to the old way. Call crane and fit another truck for loading.

In our case the salvation of the truck tractor MAZ-5432 participated in a 10-ton crane KS-3575-axle chassis on PHI-133G1 and flatbed truck MAZ. The latter is the smallest truck model MAZ – srednetonnazhnye MAZ-4370 “Zubrenok”. However, the baby up and adequately helped his older brother took him on his back. This was preceded by a rather time-consuming operation to mount heavy-duty tractor in the back of “the Calf” – which was used not only belts, but also of wood and boards.

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