Nikolaev airport surprised a bus for $6000 (video)

Recently opened, the Nikolaev airport after a month of inactivity again. Dec 26, here launched its first international flight – 44 passengers went on holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. The next flight in Egypt will start on 29 December and on 2 and 9 Jan. In addition, Charter flights will be carried out and regular, in various areas – with a frequency of once a day, and eventually twice a day.

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Interestingly, passengers were taken to the Nikolaev airport from the city bus LAZ-695НГ. As noted by the Director of the Nikolaev airport – Theodore Barna, bus in good condition and was bought for just $ 6,000.



This LAZ-695НГ running on compressed natural gas – as evidenced by bright red cylinders on the roof. The machine is equipped with the engine of ZIL-138И. Control consumption of “blue fuel” at 60 km/h is 0,138 cubic meters per 100 km or 35 l of gasoline.

Nikolaev airport surprised a bus for 00 (video)

Delivery of passengers to the airport and put on the LAZ-695НГ running on gas

LAZ-695НГ has a length of 9.19 m. the Cabin can accommodate up to 67 passengers, seats – 33. The bus is based on conventional diesel LAZ-695Н. Version of NG was produced in the Lviv bus factory from 1985 to 2002, and then its production was transferred to the Dnieper bus plant in Dneprodzerzhinsk. Finally, the production of LAZ-695НГ was discontinued in 2008.

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Nikolaev airport surprised a bus for 00 (video)

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