A new gearbox for the price of a repair! The PSA group has in Ukraine a long time for parts for cars Peugeot and Citroen

After the body and engine, perhaps, that the transmission is the most complex and expensive hub of the car. Problems with the transmission occur rarely, but if there were some repairs difficult and expensive. A truly caring owner to look for the best option for your car – and it now has: complete replacement of powertrain the new original node.

Brand original gear box ensures the highest quality of parts, accuracy of Assembly mounting, easy mounting on the vehicle, perfect-an exact match of all fasteners and the selection of gear ratios. Thanks to the unique offer from the PSA Group in Ukraine, the owners of Peugeot and Citroen can purchase a new original transmission at special prices, which are up to 70% cheaper than previous standard prices. For example:

Mechanical transmission BE4R:

– Standard price – 118 834 UAH –> New special price – 35 UAH 035. The benefit is more than 70%.

Automatic transmission AL4:

– Normal price – 199 UAH 540 –> New special price – UAH 59 898. The benefit is 70%.


These are only two examples of transmissions that were installed on such popular cars like the PEUGEOT 307 and CITROEN C4, however, the list of original sites, we offer at special prices, much wider. In addition, the program to reduce prices up to 70% includes not only transmission, but also the other major components and assemblies: for example, the engines in the collection at a price comparable to overhaul the motor. Also special rates available cylinder heads, piston kits, engine block, etc.

The reduction in prices of major components and spare parts operates on a continuous basis throughout the dealer network PEUGEOT and CITROEN.

Detailed information on the Citroen – on the website.

Detailed information on the Peugeot – on the website.

The PSA Group

The PSA group is developing unique solutions in the field of automotive industry, created to satisfy all customer expectations. A portfolio of five car brands: Peugeot, Citroen DS, Opel and Vauxhall, as well as a variety of mobility services under the brand name of Free2Move. The PSA group is one of the largest manufacturers and a pioneer in the development of Autonomous and connected vehicles. The group also operates in the financial sector (Bank PSA Finance) and automotive components (Faurecia). Additional information on the website.

About the company:

Official representative of PEUGEOT and CITROEN in Ukraine began its operations in June 2010. The main goal of the mission is to bring the European culture of sales and service of PEUGEOT and CITROEN, and in 2019 also brands DS and Opel in Ukraine. Forces mission in Ukraine presents a wide range of cars in the most popular classes, dealers Brands are present in all major regions of Ukraine.

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