New image iPhone and iPhone XI Max XR 2019 demonstrates reduced unibrow

Yesterday we published the first data on the iPhone. XI, Max and XI iPhone XR 2019, which will replace the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR.

Known insider Gaskin Benjamin (Ben Geskin), which is the first two years ago published a realistic picture iPhone X monopoly, now offers to your attention new renders of the smartphone.

The first render we published yesterday, it was visible only to the rear panel of the new smartphones. Recall that the smartphone iPhone XI and XR 2019 credited with dual main camera, as well as OLED screens. While the older model called the iPhone Max XI needs to triple the main camera and the largest screen in the new line. Of course, also be made of technology OLED.

At new image, we also show the front of the iPhone and iPhone XI Max XR 2019, which, according to sources, will keep the unibrow, but it will be much smaller. These smartphones cutouts for camera and speaker will be about the same, but due to the screen size of the iPhone XI Max it will seem less.

According to new information, smartphones, iPhone XI, Max and XI iPhone XR 2019 will support the latest standard Wi-Fi 6, which will improve the speed by about 40%.

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