New low-cost iPad be without Face ID

Yesterday we already wrote that in the code of iOS 12.2 , the developers found evidence for the existence of iPod touch. Also found there and the mention of new models of iPad tablets. During the “excavation” of the code was established some characteristics of future novelties.

We are talking about cheap iPad models — an updated basic your phone and possibly iPad mini. How to find developers, the configuration of four new iPad still does not include face detection Face ID. Thus, Apple will keep the iPad simple and iPad mini old the fingerprint sensor Touch ID and familiar design.

According to rumors in the first half of 2019 Apple may launch the fifth generation of the iPad mini, which has not been updated with 2015 and a new cheap iPad. IPad mini 5 is credited with a new processor and a cheap screen panel. The new iPad can get 10-inch screen with a thinner framework is now used 9.7-inch.

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