New old tales. As the missing bundle?

— Where do I get a super bundle? Pensions are only just enough for porridge Yes on the gas to cook porridge.

— And you’re on the bottom of the barrel scratch Yes, the barns pomati and gain.

— Gone crazy, old? What bottom of the barrel, what are barns? We are with you your whole life in a Studio hrushevska was procuratori. Not that Soucek cupboard for mops to fit nowhere. Of all wealth — the geranium on the window and one old cat.

‘As you like, old and I’ll be out of retirement to defer, lace up gain.

— And then I’m going to defer, and that cunning which, on my porridge to cook and in the last path only you with honors.

And they began to accumulate. Made a bundle, put on the TV — say, wealth to wealth, and enclose little by little. The nodule grows by itself, little by little, month by month Boca fatten and song popehat:

I lace up, lace up, with pension screen,
grandfather and grandmother born.
Lost weight from my grandfather, he sees cutlets.
Cheese, cheese, milk forgotten long ago…

Sitting grandparents at the TV, and on the knot glancing. And the Hare in the shiny new coat surrounded by glossy Zaichik: “if you Want a full life? Women will chase you! The drug “coke” for men’s health. Only today and only for you — discount for pensioners!”

I saw the grandmother that the grandfather of the phone records, Yes sprinted:

— What are you, an old, quite mad? Where to take the money going?

I thought that we to death to save money, even if can live.

— Don’t ruin the knot! Get divorced, split our toshechku. You go to live not far away in tridesetih district in the old shack to be demolished, to strangers under the flank.

— Okay, okay, old, not going to hurt the knot our. I’ll go put the kettle better.

Yeah, some cunning. I’m in the kitchen, and you’re in a knot. You need you put.

Nothing to do, grandpa went to the kitchen, and the old woman clicked the remote, sitting, watching the show. But did not finish, was interrupted by a phone call: “welcome to centre of health “wolf K.”! Come, we’ll tear you to pieces and re-assemble. Are you healthy and young, and will start another life!”

At the front door caught the grandfather grandmother with a bundle. He too admonished-admonished, conscience-conscience, even frightened that will shut off the channel with the series. Barely calm down. Took the bundle and moved away.

And the next month’s time for the knot to fill up, came to the new payment system of public utilities. It said that they are now assigned to the new company, “Good bear.” And steel amount to grow by day — hour by hour. Absolutely nothing was in the bundle put.

Watched grandfather, grandmother feeds him, but does not impose, could not stand, took out the money from the bundle and went for a walk. But as they came — brought the grandmother of chocolates, which she loved.

— Where is the money took? asked the grandmother, wiping away tears.

— So it’s my neighbor helped to fix the lock.

Then the grandmother took some money and bought grandfather’s fish — like, given that the neighbor’s kid nursed.

Lost a bundle. And then, unfortunately, the grandfather from the mailbox announcement brought. Ritual Agency “Fox tales” offered the elderly to bear nodules-savings to pay for decent wires. And so painted, it promised that broke our grandparents took the beloved knot. And as soon as she took disappeared “Fox tales” have disappeared, if it was not.

Have zataili grandparents, burl afraid to die. Nothing to do — had to live a long time.

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