Whether in the twenty-first century of the pyramid?

Now this is why in modern society are afraid of earthquakes in Metropolitan areas, where there are skyscrapers. The reason is that a strong push can lead to strong fluctuation of the skyscrapers. They even if the average wind significantly deviate from the vertical. Of course, these oscillations are suppressed. But it all depends on the quality of construction materials and quality of construction. And with both of them not always all is well.

Is there another way for the construction of skyscrapers? Is. It was invented by architect Kevin Shopfer, living in USA.

Panorama of the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico
In 2005, hurricane Katrina swept over America. The greatest destruction it brought to the metropolis of New Orleans. Individual high-rise buildings there were cracks. Their removal proved to be not only very time-consuming and expensive, but also dangerous: repaired buildings old buildings could collapse due to exposure to a powerful set of high-rise cranes. It was not excluded that intense hurricanes in the future there will not be. It really is designed in ancient times was the city that he is on all sides open to the winds, and the Gulf of Mexico usually comes a storm wind.

To be believed, nothing is against nature to fight hard. To build the super-tough? That is a huge cost! Kevin Shopfer proposed to build skyscrapers on… the water! Один из проектов КевинаOne of the projects Kevin Shopfer in New Orleans
The idea, however, is not new. But architects have not addressed the topic of the pyramids. It was believed that an ancient solution is not suitable for modern architecture. Kevin decided to refute this view.

Taking up the calculations, he found that the construction of a skyscraper on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico will cost significantly less than on land. Less need of materials to give the building stability during hurricanes, and a possible strong earthquake. Another important point — the cost of land in a large metropolis. The surface of the Gulf of such a high value has not.

Based on this, Kevin has designed a skyscraper in the shape of a triangular pyramid. Its height is 368 meters. Literally everything is thought out for comfortable life in a floating giant of 30 floors. Essentially, each face is like an independent town with lifts and transitions with neighboring faces. An important feature of the building in the shape of a pyramid that strong winds from all sides can freely pass through the skyscraper through special openings. Minimal wind resistance will render only the faces that are rounded and completely closed by a toughened glass window. Трехгранная пирамида Кевина Шопфера Triangular pyramid Kevin Shopfer
Inside faces of the pyramid is planned to create 20 thousand apartments with a minimum area of 100 square meters each. For guests there will be three hotels. Will be presented with their structures all modern city services. And it’s not just the shops.

For the construction of a skyscraper-pyramid will require ten years. Assuming, of course that there will be problems with financing the project.

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