Panoramic images appeared side of the moon

Chinese machine sent the first panoramic images of the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth.

The Chinese spacecraft Chang’e-4, which on 3 January for the first time in the history of mankind made a successful landing on the back side of the moon, took panoramic images of the surface of the satellite. On Friday, January 11, announced the China national space administration (CNSA).

Pictures 360 degrees were taken with a camera mounted on top of the space probe. The images were transmitted to Earth via satellite relay, Zhuazao.

“As of 08.00 at local time (02.00 am by Kiev time) Chang’e-4, lunar Rover and a satellite repeater, Zhuazao were in stable condition. A camera mounted on the lander probe, has completed a panoramic shot (the moon)”, − informed in the CNSA.

The report also says that based on these results the researchers conducted a preliminary analysis of the terrain, in particular, the surface of the moon around the probe.

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