The first information about the iPhone. XI, Max and XI iPhone iPhone XR 2019

The authoritative edition of the Wall Street Journal reports that this year Apple will release three models of the iPhone, which will replace the Max iPhone XS and iPhoneXR.

The older model called the iPhone Max XI will be equipped with the largest in a new line of OLED screen, and in the main chamber will be three modules. IPhone XI will also have the OLED screen, but its camera is dual.

The most affordable of the three smartphone iPhone XR 2019 will be a significantly improved version of the iPhone XR as an LCD screen replaces the OLED display, a single camera will leave the last setting in the smartphone double.

For the third module the iPhone camera Max XI, the sources attribute to him ultra wideband lens that will fit in the frame as much as possible visual information.

Apple will not change the traditions, therefore, the announcement of new smartphones in September this year.

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