Popov: “Karpin can to make fun of us, but we over it can’t”

Popov: "Karpin can to make fun of us, but we over it can't"

Beginner “Rostov” ivelin Popov on the club Youtube channel has told about his first impressions of the city, stadium and fans.

– In terms of fans of “Rostov”:

– Quite a lot of fans go, just need to continue to please them, to make them more and more. I know that sometimes they forgive defeat, but I want to see people on the field who have burning eyes, who is fully given. They appreciate it, so they are great. For a footballer it is very important to play at a good stadium with plenty of fans.

– About “Rostov Arena”:

– Of course, I did, very much. This is one of the stadiums of the world Cup. Do it the right way, we need new stadiums, good infrastructure, and the fans a lot better go to such stadiums.

– About Russia and Rostov-on-don:

– I from 2012 here, and already accustomed to family life in Russia. The children also speak Russian, so I made the right choice. Rostov is a southern capital, although many of the city don’t know, but I think that me and my family like it. Most importantly, found housing, gave the children to school and kindergarten, and there are no problems.

– About the character:

– I think on the field we are different than in life, sometimes during the match start, but in real life I’m usually a positive minded person, always smiling, love to joke with the guys, it is very important when training camp spend a lot of time together. Need to bring in the sights and some creativity to avoid the daily grind of workout. A coach is able to make fun of us but we on him.

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– About a family:

– At home I have two kids, a wife with whom he lived for 9 years. The eldest son Yvelines, 7 years old, my daughter will be 3 years on the fifth of March. Wife Elena when we started Dating, she was very popular singer in Bulgaria. Then gave birth and finished the career, I am very grateful for it, because she started to be everywhere with me in Turkey and Russia. It is very important for the player to he was calm when your family is home and all is well. The voice and the talent she never lost. When she’s singing, everyone’s excited. When I have free time, pay more attention to the children, together we go to workout, walk in the Park, everything that normal people do. The eldest son plays football, they are now twice a week training. He has a desire to become a footballer, he knows all the players and many teams. I keep telling him that a lot of work to do. In modern football without the hard work will achieve nothing, and the most important for every player to want to work.

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