The last iOS update brought a lot of problems iPhone users

Last week Apple released update mobile operating system iOS 12.1.4. The update has corrected a significant vulnerability, and damage security — error in group FaceTime calls, which could listen to the users.

Последнее обновление iOS принесло массу проблем пользователям iPhone

As it turned out, the update brought iPhone users a lot of problems. Previously, many have complained of loss of cellular communication or Wi-Fi connection, or both of them together in iOS 12. With iOS 12.1.4 problem has appeared for those users who previously had not faced.

Besides communication, users complain of reduced performance, Touch ID and other functions, as well as problems with the AirPods.

User complaints have started to occur in social networks. The update fixes an important vulnerability, as well as errors with the memory work and some others. Thus, to ignore it is dangerous. Hopefully, Apple won’t delay the release of iOS 12.1.5.

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