The manufacturer calls ams TMF8701 the world’s smallest one-dimensional sensor time-of-flight for smartphones

The Austrian company ams, specializing in the development and production of sensors, has introduced the world’s smallest integrated module with functions for measuring distance by time-of-flight proximity sensor.

According to the manufacturer, TMF8701 ideal for detecting the presence of a user, for example, to turn on the automatic recognition system when the user’s face is within range.

In TMF8701 integrated harmless to view infrared emitter VCSEL, the SPAD detectors (avalanche photodiodes, single photon registered), the transducer measurement of time in digital form and the processing engine of the histogram. All the algorithms detect the presence based on the histogram, measuring the distance and determining the approximation implemented directly in the device.

The module shows the ± 5% accuracy when measuring distances in the range of 20-60 cm in normal lighting conditions. Even in bright sunlight (100 KLX) specified accuracy is maintained at a distance of up to 35 cm Accurate measurement can be useful when shooting self-portraits with the front camera autofocus, especially in low-light conditions.

Module in the housing 2.2 x 3.6 x 1.0 mm well-placed even in a narrow frame of the screen of modern smartphones. Another advantage is TMF8701 stable operation even under strong contamination of the protective glass and the ability to eliminate optical reflections.

It should be noted TMF8701 low power consumption — the current consumption in the mode of the contactless sensing with sampling rate of 10 Hz is only 940 µa.

Sensor time passing TMF8701 already put into production. The price is 2.60 dollar apiece if you order 5000 pieces. Developers trial set based TMF8701.

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