Reveals the mystery of cosmic catastrophe near the Earth

Reveals the mystery of cosmic catastrophe near the Earth

Неподалеку от Земли взрывались сверхновые

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Near the Earth exploded supernova

Experts have found evidence that part of the interplanetary space of the Solar system formed in a supernova explosion.

At the Australian national University have found evidence of large-scale space catastrophe near the Earth. About it reports Science Alert.

Scientists have found in the snows of Antarctica interstellar dust with a rare radioactive isotope iron – iron-60. It is found in deep-sea sediments and the fossilized remains of bacteria. Experts say that it is the product with the supernova. According to scientists it had to occur in the vicinity of the Solar system to 1.7-3.2 million years ago.

The iron-60 is proof that the dust resulted from the explosions of stars. And the fact that it is found in the snow indicates is not relatively recent cosmic catastrophe.

Scientists say that now the Solar system passes through the so-called Local interstellar cloud. It is a sparse dust of approximately 30 light-years. Isotope of iron falls on the Earth from it, which supports the hypothesis that the composition of the medium in the vicinity of the Solar system supernovas.

Yesterday it was reported that NASA was warned about the approach of a large asteroid. The Correspondent also wrote that black hole at the center of the milky Way awoke.

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