Russia starts here, or What to see in Pskov region?

This region for centuries, borders with Europe, and now has a border already in three States (Belarus, Estonia and Latvia). No wonder on the banks of the great river visible from afar, in letters: “Russia starts here.” The people of Pskov are proud of the history of the area and tell visitors and tourists that here was born the great Princess Olga that went away the Holy Russian land.

The spirit of the great history that surrounds the magnificent forests and fields, you will feel immediately. The nature of this kind of special, like it is described by Russian stories: rich forests, meandering rivers “and honey”, a mysterious swamp and the green hills. From Sergey Dovlatov “Reserve” is a wonderful piece.

To me timidly approached a man in a Tyrolean hat:
— Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
— Listening to you.
Is given?
Is there?
— I ask this given? — Tyrolean dog drew me to the open window.
— In what sense?
— Live. I would like to know is given or not given? If not given, say so.
I don’t understand.

The man blushed slightly and began hastily to explain:
— I had a card… I deltiologist…
— Who?
— Deltiologist. Collect postcards… doctor of Philosophy — love, kartos…
— Okay.
— I have a color card — “Pskov Dali”. I ended up here. I want to ask is given?
In General, given — say.
Typically Pskov?
— Not without it.

In the Pskov region can be simply and shamelessly to come “visit”. You will meet sincere, open, ordinary people. And yet there is something to see. Not going to list all the attractions and sights, you’ll find information about them. I will tell about the main.

Stalin Line

Let’s start with the place that is dedicated to the sad and tragic pages of our history.

Stalin line is a military-historical complex in the village Hamada, a branch of the Military historical Museum of the Pskov region. Here, keep the pages of history, the memory of those times, which arouse in us the sinking feeling of sorrow and pain.

Line of defense of Stalin under the city Island — a fragment of the nodal system of fortifications. Until 1939 there was a border of the USSR (the boundary ran from the Karelian isthmus to the Black sea). In the summer of 2009 the Museum was opened with the recreated trenches, dugouts, anti-personnel and anti-tank obstacles and a collection of vintage equipment. In addition, there is a memorial military burial, where still brought the remains from the fields of battles, and built a modest chapel.

The Museum collect military artifacts, tools, equipment and vehicles 30 to 40 years. The territory is huge, including several multi-storey Bunkers.

Россия начинается здесь, или Что посмотреть в Псковской области?
Photo: Julia Davydova (, personal archive

The national Park “Sebezhsky”

National Park “sebezhskiy” — another unique attraction, a must visit in the Pskov region, historical and natural complex, one of the best protected areas of Russia.

The Park is situated on the same Sebezhsky hills that are part of the Valdai, and covers 50 thousand hectares. Magical combination of rivers, lakes, hills and forests with a variety of species of animals and birds, the whole Park is situated on the watershed between the basins of the rivers Zapadnaya Dvina and the Great.

It is remarkable that the territory is not just developing, it is possible to save species of plants and animals which have almost disappeared and are listed in the Red book. For travelers create Hiking and driving routes, eco paths, boat trips on the lakes.

And Sebezhsky district, lived and Denis Fonvizin and Gabriel Derzhavin, here are still their estates. So we can safely say about the rich natural and cultural heritage of the national Park, about which he wrote even Bunin, dedicating a wonderful chapel at the Holy spring poem about the beauty and charm of these places.

Russia starts here, or What to see in Pskov region?
Photo: Julia Davydova (, personal archive


A magical place, filled with old wisdom, surrounded by marvelous landscapes, the spectacular towers and walls, is an ancient fortress of Izborsk, once a city and now a village. This is the third landmark, a must visit in the Pskov region. The facility is located just 30 kilometers from Pskov.

According to legend, the name of the fortress and the city was Prince Izbor, who ruled in these parts before Rurik. The first found mention in the Chronicles in 862. But by the time the city was a fortress and defended borders. Today from the ancient town there’s not much left.

The main value — the fortress itself, the walls of which contain the energies of the past, they saw days of peace and attack enemies, life and love. We should also mention the single-domed Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the ancient Truvor settlement on the hill. Rumor has it that this Bank ought rooks Truvor. Therefore, there is a stone cross with magical powers: he takes the bad and good returns.

Mysticism and closeness to the mysterious past is felt in every stone. I want to go and touch the walls, loopholes, then the pages of history come alive before your eyes. They say that even mermaids and dragons were found in a local lake. Will rise by the highest of the remaining six towers of the Onion — you will see the beautiful hills and the blue expanse of water, take a deep breath and bow to the magic of this place.

You can come here with a tour and independently. But be sure to read about the castle in advance, learn a lot about the history of this region.

Russia starts here, or What to see in Pskov region?
Photo: Julia Davydova (, personal archive

Pushkinskiye Gory

Who among us has not heard in school about this place? Often first we learned about Pushkin hills, when he passed the life and work of “the sun of Russian poetry” — Alexander Pushkin.

Pushkin years, PushGory, Pushkinskie Gory — it is now a nature reserve 120 kilometers from Pskov, monuments, historical sites, gorgeous nature inspired and the poet himself and those who lived there, and those who wrote about these parts later. A huge area, including the estates of Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye, Petrovskoye, museums and hill FORTS and, of course, the Svyatogorsk Holy Dormition monastery, where the grave of the poet.

Under your shadow, Michael’s grove,
I was; when you first
He saw me, I was
Gay boys…

It is not necessary to be gay boys to visit this wonderful place now. Doors are open to all. Surprisingly, one of the important values of these museums is the people who with true love and respect cherish and pass on to visitors the life story of Alexander Pushkin, explain the nature of his work.

To truly feel PushGory, leisurely pace to walk the fields, attend tours and to talk with experts, we recommend you to come here even for a few days. I have not read Alexander? You might want something to read when you visit the places visited by the characters in his works. But for someone who considers himself a connoisseur of Russian culture and history, this place is a must to visit. Once these edges are called the Holy mountains. Maybe that is why it is felt among the valleys and lakes of incredible peace.

Russia starts here, or What to see in Pskov region?
Photo: Dmitry Rogachev, personal archive


In the first place must to visit sites in the Pskov region, of course, the city of Pskov. The ancient city, a monument of ancient architecture stands on the banks of the great river, the Keeper of military glory with 2000 years of history. Cosy streets of the old town for many years attracted tourists and visitors. The fortress, temples, architectural ensembles — there’s something to see. According to the law of the Pskov called the spiritual center of Russia, as the city has many cathedrals and churches, from small to large, from different periods of Russian history and styles.

The pearl of Pskov — the ancient Kremlin (Krom), opens its impregnable walls on the West side. There connect two rivers, two waterways, Pskov and Great. The fortress on the hill is tactically a good decision. For all time of its existence once it reflected the attack of enemies. For many centuries the city grows around the Kremlin, wondrous, white stone, with seven high towers, some of which are proudly reflected in the glass surface of the water. And the Holy Trinity Cathedral is visible for its gold-domed cupolas of the many districts of Pskov.

Ancient monuments and buildings are preserved not only inside the fortress. The picturesque old streets with low houses differ a web of routes throughout the city. There is something sincere and simple in this town, especially those who come from St. Petersburg or Moscow: a different pace of life, distance and other scales.

Russia starts here, or What to see in Pskov region?
Photo: Dmitry Rogachev, personal archive

By the way, this slowness attracts residents of large cities. There was a time when young people wanted to leave. In recent years, the trend began to change. Technical progress, the Internet and the development of transport allow you to live and work in Pskov completely full. The city began to grow and flourish: there are residential complexes with new schools, kindergartens, commercial infrastructure.

By the standards of big cities, here everything is close by. Old town, for example, it is seen from the window of a new residential building “Parus de Luxe”, located in the historical part. Interest in him, as we said, manifest and residents of the capital. By the way, today the apartment without risks buy online, even in another region. For example, using the site Doclick ( you can select the object, hold it a legal check, to if necessary, approval for a mortgage of Sberbank, to make a deal and register the title.

There is something to ponder. Pskov affordable housing and the geographical location of the city attract even those who love to travel and can work remotely, in fact the border with Estonia is less than an hours drive away.

Unfortunately, some historical buildings were not so much. However, even among them wants to walk. Be sure to visit Dovmontov town, called Pskov Pompeii. On one wall there is a memorial sign — a shield and a sword of Alexander Nevsky, which liberated Pskov in the spring of 1242 directly in front of the Ice

All the ancient fortress of the old town is five high stone rings protecting the city one by one. Now there are three, you’ll find walking around the city. Just imagine how much is going on in these parts over the centuries Pskov, because he’s older and Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Pskov has a huge legacy for posterity to cherish and keep his story — in our power. And remember: Russia starts here!

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