Became known the cause of the appearance of the first black holes

Became known the cause of the appearance of the first black holes

Ученые нашли математическое объяснение возникновения черных дыр

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Scientists have found a mathematical explanation for the occurrence of black holes

In the early formation of the known Universe it was not the stars and planets of which could have formed a black hole.

At the University of Western Ontario scientists have found the probable cause of the appearance of the first black holes. About it reports a Hi-news.

Experts suggest that the first black holes appeared as a result of “direct collapse” of dense accumulations of gas in the centers of first galaxies.

Scientists have known the black holes are of two types, the small – sized and supermassive. The only known mechanism of appearance of black holes was considered the collapse of a star. As a result of the death of old stars formed, attracting gas, other stars and other space matter and absorbing them. Over time, these black holes become supermassive black holes.

But soon the black hole appeared before the formation of planets and stars. Scientists believe they were formed by “direct collapse” of dense accumulations of gas and matter in the centers of galaxies that have just begun to form.

When around the black hole forms a hot disk, it begins to emit intense radiation and repel the flow of gases. So a black hole ceases to grow.

The radiation of stars and other holes in the modern Universe reached a critical limit because of this “direct collapse” new supermassive holes became impossible.

Before scientists explained the sudden disappearance of signs of life on Mars. It was also reported that fracture after the earthquake in California was removed from the space.

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