The taxi driver from Algeria on Ukrainian roads

Today, the UBER driver was Algerian. He do not speak Russian, so the conversation was led in English.

Moving another portion of the “bumps” on the pavement, he said:

The main problem of Ukraine is corruption. And what you constantly ask for money. Only 3 European countries have given Ukraine last year, 3 thousand million dollars through the world Bank for the construction of roads. But to roads, the money never came. They disappeared in the pockets of your government.

And all of you asking and asking. You are already beginning to be treated as beggars on the streets, who for 20 years sitting in the same place. You think if you give him a million, he will leave the streets? No way in hell. He has nothing else to do that doesn’t…

He was so preoccupied that I almost missed the right turn and the rest of the way staring intensely in French Waze.

Of course, I wanted him to argue that in fact everything is wrong and our government is struggling in war to build a decent state, but then we ran into a particularly outstanding hole and I said nothing…

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